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Japan: England and America, countries run by lunatics while 50 Japanese heroes go about their work with dignity and pride.

JAPAN: 50 heroes on suicide mission...Obama the lunatic ..the military should be in Japan helping these people but lets not forget saving lives is not on the American agenda...and if it were true Cameron and Obama cared about people they would be in Japan now and sending the military to help the Japanese bury their dead as thousands of bodies are left to decay on the shoreline.

JAPAN: There are three lunatics greedy for Oil ,OBAMA his poodles Cameron and the French pooch Sarkozi... while 50 Japanese are giving their lives to save their people...Heroes who are not worthy of headline news, the corrupt destroy the world with their greed while 50 men are trying their damn best to stop the world from being destroyed.

JAPAN:A thank-you letter from Masaya Uchino

Almost all of my family lives in Japan. So when the earthquake hit, I tried to help in every way I could, including by donating via text message to relief efforts. 

But then I learned that text donations like mine could take up to 90 days to get there. I waited for days to learn that my family was safe, now others were waiting months for my donation!

So I launched a petition on calling on the phone companies to immediately deliver donations to Japan, the same way they did after the earthquake in Haiti.

It worked! Hundreds, then thousands added their voices. My senator, Barbara Boxer, took up the cause. I was interviewed by the major news programs in San Francisco, where I go to law school.

More than 66,000 of us spoke out and now AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have finally agreed to expedite text-message donations to Japan.

Northern Japan has an incredibly difficult path to recovery -- the earthquake and tsunami both physically and financially devastated the affected areas -- and there’s a lot more that each of us can do. But the immediate transfer of donations is going to be of enormous assistance, and my hope is that this victory sets a pattern for how cell phone companies act during future disasters. 

This all happened because, at the encouragement of a few friends, I started a petition. If there’s something you want to change, click here to start your own, and I’ll do my best to stand with you the way that you stood with me: 

Thank you again. And please continue to keep the people of Japan in your thoughts and prayers.

- Masaya Uchino, fellow member

Palestine: Our boats to Gaza

ISRAEL lays Gaza like siege on West Bank village...

Smiley Culture:Meeting of Metropolitan police authority turns to chaos as senior officers accused of being 'murderers'

Smiley Culture and corruption in the MET. This item reported the same day Smiley died , a group of officers planned to fabricate evidence and frame a student...This will not help Smiley or his family but shows the stench within the MET and had the evidence not been recorded who knows what story they would have made up....

A group of riot police officers have been accused of trying to frame and falsely arrest a student taking part in last year's tuition fee demonstrations.

The 20-year-old had gone to Parliament Square on December 9th 2010 and was chased after he broke a police cordon.

Three Metropolitan Police officers pursued him and then apprehended him a short distance away. One of the protester's teeth got chipped at some point during the chase.

However, the officers appeared to forget they were carrying recording equipment and it is claimed they then began to discuss making up a reason to arrest the unnamed man.
It has been reported that they were prepared to allege the man had threatened to cause criminal damage to a nearby building.
The incident only came to light after the protester complained that police had used unreasonable force to detain him and the Met listened to the tapes, with the case now being referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

All three unnamed officers now face an investigation into whether or not they perverted the course of justice and could be sacked.
"We are investigating a serious allegation that an officer colluded with colleagues to arrest a man on false grounds. We will also look at how he got a broken tooth," commented police commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne.

Earlier this month, HJA's Ruth Hammann spoke to the Guardian regarding the tuition fee protests, commenting that a generation of students face criminalisation because of all the cautions issued at the events.

Emanuel Family are treated with crass insensitivity at MPA meeting
A meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority was temporarily disbanded today after more than 30 angry suppoters of reggae star Smiley Culture were thrown out.

Some of the family and friends - including former Ken Livingstone aide Lee Jasper - had heckled the MPA demanding the truth behind his death.

The singer, real name David Emmanuel, apparently stabbed himself after Met police officers arrived at his Surrey home. 

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has been called in to investigate.

The IPCC Commissioner told a public meeting attended by 700 people that there was "more to this than meets the eye".

After their eviction, Merlin Emmanuel, the star's nephew, told The Standard: "We came here today because we want to get to the bottom of what happened to David.

"We're not making any undue allegations. He died in the most peculiar circumstances and what's irrefutable is that the police have a duty of care to a suspect when in their custody.
"They failed to enforce simple procedures and as a consequence my uncle is dead. We want a full public independent inquiry."

Mr Jasper, who quit as one of Mr Livingstone's closest aides after allegations over his conduct, warned that the black community was at "boiling point" over the incident.

"Everybody here needs to know that we're not simply going to wait for the long road of justice to roll on for 15 years. We had to come to fight for justice. It's right back to the 1980s," he said.

However the singer's nephew, the family's official spokesman, added: "We don't want to ethnicise this issue. Smiley was loved by black, white and everybody in between."

At the time Emmanuel, 48, was on bail for conspiracy to supply cocaine and under investigation for a separate plot allegedly involving drug mules bringing cocaine to Britain.

MPA chair Kit Malthouse called off the meeting for around ten minutes until the group was removed from the City Hall chamber.

Mr Malthouse said: "I am saddened that as a result of the deliberate and disruptive actions of a few many of those who wanted to hear today's discussion and sincere condolences missed out.

"It is frustrating to see that one or two divisive characters can ambush and exploit the anguish of friends and family for their own ends.

 I am pressing the IPCC to work swiftly and thoroughly on behalf of those grieving and the Black community as a whole to find the truth in this matter."

Campaign for Justice for Smiley Culture..

Smiley Culture: Commissioner heckled at meeting..

Family and friends campaigning for justice for a reggae star who died during a police raid heckled authorities at a City Hall meeting today.

Relatives and friends of David Emanuel - known as Smiley Culture - were at the Metropolitan Police Authority’s meeting this morning at City Hall, where acting MPA Commissioner Tim Goodwin addressed the issue of Mr Emanuel’s death.

He said: “I have spoken with Mr Emanuel’s nephew (Merlin) here today and explained that because there is an ongoing independent investigation I’m unable to say very much about it.
“I should not express opinions that could influence the investigation in any way.”

As Commissioner Godwin answered to members questions, including Assembly Member Val Shawcross, the public started to heckle and shout questioning why Detective Constable Stuart Hobkirk told a judge in court earlier this week the musician had stabbed himself in front of officers at his Warlingham home on March 15.

Deputy Mayor of London for Policing Kit Malthouse tried to intervene and asked for order, but the public continued to chant, at which point Mr Malthouse interrupted the meeting and left the chamber followed by other members.

The public started chanting “No justice, no peace” as they left the chamber and building.
Speaking outside City Hall after the meeting, social justice campaigner Lee Jasper said:

“Boris, the City, the commissioners, the IPCC, they had better be aware that this is the community at boiling point and we are ready to take action. We are back to the 80s. This is uprising.”

Smiley Cultures family demand answers from police over singer's death

Meeting of Metropolitan police authority turns to chaos as senior officers accused of being 'murderers'
Smiley Culture
Smiley Culture performing in London in 1985. Photograph: David Corio/Redferns

A meeting between top Metropolitan police officers and members of the public descended into chaos and tears, as family and friends of the dead pop star Smiley Culture accused senior police chiefs of being "murderers".

A former senior adviser to the former London mayor Ken Livingstone also warned that the black community in Brixton was at "boiling point" after the 48-year-old pop star's "bizarre" death in police custody two weeks ago.

The musician, who had success in the 1980s with the singles Police Officer and Cockney Translation, died after officers came to search his house. According to a pathologist's report, Culture, whose real name was David Emmanuel, died from a single stab wound to the heart.
At the time of his death, reports suggested that Emmanuel had stabbed himself while going to make a cup of tea in the kitchen of his Surrey home.

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Metropolitan police authority, at city hall, became passionate and raucous after Tim Godwin, acting commissioner for the Met, tried to move proceedings on from Emmanuel's death.

Godwin told the MPA, the independent body that oversees policing in London, that it should not make a judgment about how Emmanuel died until the Independent Police Complaints Commission had finished its own investigation.

"It is wrong to jump to judgment either way until we see the evidence that is produced. And my sympathies are extended to the family and friends. I hope the investigation will be thorough and speedy and open to scrutiny at the end," he said.

Lee Jasper, senior policy adviser on equalities under Ken Livingstone's mayoralty, shouted from the public gallery: "Is there a letter of condolence? It would be nice, if you died in custody, would it not?"

Emmanuel's close friend, Asher Senator, cried "murderers" and "you're killing us". He was pulled away from the gallery by associates after becoming distraught. The meeting was adjourned as other members of the crowd began chanting "no justice, no peace" and more than a dozen people walked out in protest.

MPA member Cindy Butts was reduced to tears. "It has been 30 years since the Brixton riots and so much has changed but we have so much [still] to do," she said.

Speaking in the lobby of city hall after the meeting, Jasper said: "Smiley Culture was a friend of mine. We've had a suspicious death in custody and we want answers and we want them quick. So whatever process or investigation that they have, they better fast-track.

"Because I tell you what, you've got a black community here that are on boiling point and everybody needs to know that we're not simply going to lay back and wait for the long road of justice to deliver 15 years later. We want answers and we want them now."

Last week, more than 1,000 people attended a meeting at Lambeth assembly hall to discuss Emmanuel's death.

Also speaking in the lobby of city hall afterwards was Smiley Culture's nephew, Merlin Emmanuel, who said that they were calling for an independent inquiry.

 "We come here today because we want to get to the bottom of what happened to David Emmanuel," he said.

The music technology teacher from south-west London added: "We are not making any undue accusations but what I'd say is that he died in the most peculiar of circumstances and what's irrefutable is that the police have a duty of care to a suspect when in their custody. The police failed to enforce simple procedures and as a consequence my uncle, Smiley Culture, is dead."

Emmanuel's family said that they had commissioned an independent postmortem. The findings of this report are expected to be returned in the next few days. The family have also called a march on 16 April, which will head from south London towards New Scotland Yard.

The MET. Natural born liars...Met Police Commander Paul Stephenson Lies to Police Authority about the use of Horses

Smiley Culture: Martin Brunts tweets on the death of Smiley Culture. Brunts first tweet suggests the police were there to arrest Smiley, his third tweet, Smiley died during raid. Look at the date 14th March, 3 MET riot cops investigated over conspiracy to arrest student on false grounds ?????? To add ,we have March 14th, THREE MET cops up on the carpet and the VERY NEXT DAY 4 officers involved in the death of Smiley... not a good week for the MET !!!!

martin brunt

Met's Serious and Organised Crime Command carried out raid in which Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, 48, died
martin brunt

IPCC investigating apparent self-inflicted wounds, say sources.
martin brunt

80s reggae star Smiley Culture dies at his Surrey home as police carry out arrewst warrant in drugs investigation. IPCC investigating.
15 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

martin brunt

Three Met riot cops investigated over conspiracy to arrest 20-year-old student on false grounds during university fees protest

Smiley Culture: Row over inquiry. The MET will try and turn this into a race issue but it is not a race issue, it is a crime. The crime is bizarre to say the least and once again I ask if four men had entered Smileys home and told police he had stabbed himself, the police would not believe a word of it. The whole episode stinks...

Smiley Culture: The first to tweet the news of Smileys death was Martin Brunt laughingly called a 'Crime reporter' for SKY NEWS...The following day another laughingly called 'crime reporter' Mike Sullivan (The SUN) explained how the death of Smiley came about...he went to make a cup of tea said ( sell his mother to the nearest bidder ) Sullivan.The connection ? both outlets are coincidence also that MURDOCH , hand in glove with the MET who are both in deep shit over phone hacking allegations....prying into peoples private lives to report their misery in The News of the World..Smiley Culture STILL not in the mainstream media indicates the MET have requested no publicity for Smiley. Four against one and the witness is dead.

Martin Brunts tweets


Smiley Culture police meeting causes outburst

WRONG: Acting Met Police Commissioner Tim Goodwin
REASSURANCES FROM the Met Police that it hoped the investigation into the death of reggae icon Smiley Culture would be "thorough, speedy and open to scrutiny" has fallen on deaf ears.
Campaigners gathered at City Hall, in central London, this morning (March 31) for the monthly Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) meeting.
It is the first time the Met Police, who are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), following the Cockney Translation singer's shock death on March 15.
Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin, said: "It is very wrong to jump to a judgement either way until we see the evidence that’s produced. My sympathies are with the family and friends.”
He added: “I hope the investigation will be thorough and speedy and open to scrutiny at the end. That’s all I can really say at this time.”
It prompted several cries from the packed public gallery, including one of “murderers”.
As the crowd grew more vocal, the meeting had to be adjourned.
Many of the spectators were upset about statements from a police officer, Det Con Stuart Hobkirk, who told Croydon Crown Court this week that he saw Smiley Culture plunge a carving knife into his own chest.
Once the meeting restarted, Godwin continued: “We truly are a different organisation to the one we were in the Nineties and what we have to do is constantly revisit and challenge ourselves.
“We have learnt a lot and, whilst this was a distressing event, we still must not decry all the efforts that have gone on by some very good people.”
MPA member Cindy Butts was reduced to tears by the protest. She said: "It has been 30 years since the Brixton riots and so much has changed… [but] we have so much to do."
Reggae musician Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, died during a police raid on his home in Warlingham, Surrey.
He suffered a single stab wound to the heart, which four police witnesses allege he inflicted upon himself.
Emmanuel was due to face trial after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last year alongside four others.
The case is now to lie on file.

Cyberspace 1% lethal...

The McCanns, very jumpy when WIKILEAKS revealed a little too much for their liking...the McCanns like to play games and live on the edge, what better way than producing images 'of abductors' that are in fact images of themselves. Piss taking I call it ....

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Internet shut down...

ISRAEL / JAPAN: Nuclear particles have reached Israel...

Zionist jews denying the people on the Gaza strip the right to have the vitamins they FOI refused because it may harm Israeli relations !!!!!

OBAMA: The laughing stock of the world....

Reuters Top News
by Bruceps
FLASH: Obama has signed secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces in Libya, officials tell Reuters

I am not a Royalist and look upon the family as a bunch of perveted parasites. However, I found todays news in the Daily Mail amusing or rather the Queens sense of humour amusing, not only have we had to endure the private life of her eldest getting laid by his aide , Michael Fawcett . Andrew, the younger brother of 'swing both ways Charlie' has been dallying with a known paedophile....mummy feeling sorry for Andy the 'waste of space' has bestowed upon him a 'tainted title'...Knighthoods to the German brood are like dishing out sweeties in a candy store...but she had to do something to kiss it all better.

George Smith (royal servant)

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George Anthony Smith (13 September 1960 - 24 August 2005) was a former footman and valet in the Royal Household of Prince Charles.
Smith alleged:
  • that he was raped by Michael Fawcett, a favoured servant of the Prince Charles; and
  • that Fawcett was himself in a homosexual relationship with the Prince of Wales, who protected him.
The allegations made international headlines in November 2003 and were the subject of a legal injunction in the United Kingdom.



[edit] Military career

Smith served as a soldier in the Welsh Guards during the 1980s, when he saw active service in the Falklands War and in Northern Ireland. In his own words, published in the British Mail on Sunday newspaper:
From the day in 1986 I joined the Household as a footman on secondment from the Welsh Guards I served the Prince and Princess loyally and to the best of my ability. The Prince was so impressed with my work that he brought me on to his staff fulltime in 1989.

[edit] Mental breakdown & rape allegation

Critics within the Household, however, claimed that in the 1990s his work performance deteriorated dramatically. By his own admission, he began to drink heavily. In 1995, his marriage fell apart. He became clinically depressed, experiencing flashbacks to the bombing of the Sir Galahad Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship, on which he had served during the Falklands conflict. He subsequently suffered a nervous breakdown. To recuperate, he was taken by Elizabeth Burgess, one of the Prince of Wales's secretaries, to a cottage on the Prince's Highgrove estate. While there, he alleged that he had been subject to a homosexual rape some years earlier by Michael Fawcett, a married former footman who had become one of the Prince's closest friends. Burgess, believing she had been told "in confidence", did not repeat the allegation.

[edit] Accused of "wasting police time"

He later claimed to police that he was being followed and that threats were being made against him, with strangers banging on his front door. Doubting the story but aware that he was an aide to the Prince of Wales, the police set up a secret CCTV camera to verify his testimony. Though he continued to make allegations, the police tapes showed that no-one was following him or banging on his door. The police then approached the Prince's staff in St. James's Palace in London and warned that unless Smith received help he would be prosecuted for "wasting police time". The Prince paid for him to attend The Priory, a famous British drink and drug treatment centre frequented by rock stars such as Robbie Williams and prominent people in the aristocracy, the media and the public eye.

[edit] Allegations against Charles made to Diana

Smith approached Diana, Princess of Wales and made two allegations. He repeated his allegation that he had been raped. He also claimed to have witnessed the Princess's estranged husband, the Prince of Wales, lying in bed with his aide, Michael Fawcett, on one occasion when he brought the Prince his breakfast. Diana made a tape of the interview. The whereabouts of the tape became a matter of considerable controversy following Diana's death in August 1997.
A subsequent inquiry by senior staff members of the Prince of Wales into the rape allegations dismissed them as fiction. Smith was retired from the Prince's Household.

[edit] Statement to the Mail on Sunday

Smith's second allegation, of a sexual relationship between the Prince of Wales and Fawcett, was repeated in a legal statement issued by him to the Mail on Sunday newspaper. Fawcett took a High Court injunction to prevent their disclosure. The injunction was granted. The Guardian newspaper sought and received permission from the courts on 6 November 2003 to name Fawcett as the party granted the injunction. In response, the Prince's Private Secretary issued a statement denying the allegations and questioning the trustworthiness of the unnamed Smith as a source.
Though the story still cannot be published in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, it has been written about extensively in the Republic of Ireland and Italy and on some Internet websites. It was also published in the Scottish Glasgow Herald; Scotland, which operates under a different legal jurisdiction from the rest of the United Kingdom, is exempt from a ruling of the English High Court.

[edit] Media dismissive of credibility

Though the full nature of the allegations has yet to be made public in the United Kingdom (outside Scotland), few media commentators have expressed any belief in Smith's story. Geoffrey Wheatcroft, a British media commentator, speaking on The Last Word, an Irish radio current affairs programme, called Smith "probably the most unreliable source for any story on anything anywhere in the United Kingdom". Other commentators have expressed similar criticisms. Simon Solari, who worked as the Prince of Wales's valet for 15 years, was equally dismissive of Smith's claims, saying that a royal valet simply would not have had the opportunity to witness the scene Smith described - even if it actually took place.
Only the Mail on Sunday defended Smith. In a story that hinted at Smith's claims but did not reproduce them due to the legal restrictions, it quoted Smith as saying:
I lost my job, my house, my wife and children because it all became too much for me... Today I feel under great stress again because the establishment is mounting a campaign against me. They are very powerful and privileged and have lots of money to pay lawyers to prevent me from telling the truth.
Smith claims only to have witnessed a member of the Royal Family and his aide "tucked up under the sheets, lying next to each other". There is no suggestion that a sexual act was taking place when Smith (allegedly) entered the room. According to the valet's brother, Bryan Smith:
George has told me there was no physical activity but you didn't have to be a brain surgeon to work out what had been going on.
On 13 June 2004, the Sunday Telegraph claimed that Smith had withdrawn his allegations. But he repudiated their claim, and stated that while he had been tempted by their offer of cash in return for a withdrawal, he had refused the offer, because the allegations were true.[1]

[edit] Death

On August 24, 2005 Smith died in Newport, Wales[2] of an unknown illness, aged 44.

[edit] See also

[edit] References

  1. ^
  2. ^ Deaths England and Wales 1984-2006

[edit] External links

Madeleine McCann where is she AND why is this fraud allowed to continue ?

UK Justice Tugendhat and his Super- injunctions,,,

Smiley Culture: This it would appear is how the British police play out a drugs raid with four officers, as was the case with Smiley.. No mention if drugs were found the day Smiley died. BUT as you can see in this footage I do not think police officers would be in the mood nor Smiley for making cups of tea... also notice an officer is present at all times once the owner of the property arrived. I also noticed he was handcuffed, would this have been the normal procedure for Smiley ? Remember also these officers were in Smiley's home for more than one and a half hours. Had they burst in the same way as shown in this footage, I would imagine this is when the incident happened..which leaves one wondering what the police were doing for such an extraordinary length of time before calling for help...One more point I do not believe this is in anway racial, the police will cover it up because they can. No witnesses. However, had Smiley been white, middleclass this story would not have disappeared so quickly from the media mainstream. Missing' white girl syndrome' is a fact of life, you simply sell more newspapers.

The MET stench. DC Stuart Hobkirk starts the whitewashing on the death of Smiley Culture...

DC Stuart Hobkirk is a liar, the first reports supplied by MURDOCHS the Sun (via the MET) 'crime' reporter Mike Sullivan were as follows....Smiley Culture went to the kitchen to make some tea...When the public picked up on the fact it is illegal for an officer once in your home to let you out of his sight ,we now have a group of officers who claim Smiley stabbed himself in front of them. The 'LACK' of independent witnesses comment is farcical, just the word of four offices and a dead man....I repeat DC Stuart Hobkirk is a liar, something happened in that house and Smiley died....the police have closed ranks and the officers involved need not worry about their pensions.

Police claims also over the week-end that protestors threw light bulbs containing ammonia at them appears also be a blatant lie. I would ask anyone how do you place ammonia inside a light bulb. This news flashed around the world without a shred of proof...proving once again the MET are not to be trusted.

The 48-year-old asked police if he could make a cup of tea before being taken into custody.
Detectives allowed Smiley - real name David Emmanuel - to go and put the kettle on in his kitchen.
Drugs police raid

Reggae star Smiley Culture plunged a carving knife into his chest during a police drug raid on his home, a police detective has said.

Detective Constable Stuart Hobkirk told a judge the musician – real name David Emanuel – stabbed himself in front of officers at his Warlingham home on March 15.

The revelation came at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, where Mr Emanuel, who grew up in Tulse Hill, was due to stand trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

DC Hobkirk confirmed the warrant for the raid related to information regarding smuggling of drugs.

He told the court the raid involved the same team of officers who helped bring the first drug charges against Mr Emanuel.

When the prosecutor asked DC Hobkirk whether Mr Emanuel “took a carving knife and plunged it into his chest”, he replied “yes”.

The judge dropped proceedings against the 48-year-old because of his death.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation has been launched into the raid, with Mr Emanuel’s family calling for a public inquiry.

Hundreds of people packed Lambeth Assembly Hall last Thursday, March 24, to hear an update on the investigation from IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin.

The angry crowd listened intently to Mr Franklin, who gave details of the investigation, but booed and shouted “murderers” at every mention of police officers.

Mr Franklin said: “The community demands the truth and I’m seeking the truth, but I need your support in this process.”

The commissioner told the meeting the lack of independent witnesses was a hurdle to the investigation, which could only be overcome by extensive forensic examination.

The popular musican’s nephew, Merlin Emanuel, said the family had hired solicitors and a coroner to carry out a second postmortem examination on Mr Emanuel’s body.

Social justice campaigner Lee Jasper, who chaired the meeting, urged people to join the Facebook group Campaign 4 Justice 4 Smiley Culture, which already has more than 5,000 members.

Reggae artist Asha Senator, who went to Tulse Hill School and composed with Mr Emanuel, sang a song he wrote in his memory.

A march is to take place from Wandsworth Road to Scotland Yard on April 16.

LONDON — Police say protesters have thrown paint bombs and light bulbs filled with ammonia at officers in London’s center during a demonstration against budget cuts.
London’s Metropolitan Police said Saturday a group of black-clad demonstrators also threw paint bombs at shops and banks on the main shopping streets of Oxford Street and New Bond Street.

The group had broken away from a larger march organized by the Trade Union Council to protest against government cuts to public services.

Organizers say the main demonstration has attracted at least 100,000 people and is otherwise peaceful.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Julian Assange interview... - Shortened URL

Israel destroyed Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, leaked cable reveals

SYRIA: Police woman of the world gives Syria her orders...

LONDON — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged the "timely implementation of reforms" in Syria after the Middle Eastern country's cabinet resigned following two weeks of unrest.

"We're... waiting and watching to see what comes from the Syrian government," the US official said after a London conference to establish a roadmap for political transition in Libya.
"We support the timely implementation of reforms that meet the demands that Syrians are presenting to their government, such as immediately eliminating Syria's state of emergency laws, " added Clinton.
"We want to see peaceful transitions and we want to see democracies that represent the will of the people."

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is expected to announce a new cabinet before the end of the week after the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri, which has been in place since 2003, tendered its resignation Tuesday.

Presidential adviser Buthaina Shaaba Tuesday told AFP that the state had decided to lift the state of emergency that imposes restrictions on public gatherings and movements and authorises the arrest of "suspects or persons who threaten security".

Despite Assad's promises of change, activists say more than 130 people have been killed and scores injured in clashes with security forces at pro-reform rallies. Officials have put the death toll at around 30.

"It is up to the Syrian government, it is up to the leadership, starting with President Bashar al-Assad, to prove that it can be responsive to the needs of its own people," continued Clinton.

Clinton said that the US was watching to see whether Assad's promises "will actually be turned into reality."

French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, also speaking after the London talks, condemned the use of "all violence in the repression of popular protests," but said it was too early to consider sanctions against Syria.

WikiLeaks US embassy cables: as it happened



DAMASCUS: Viewing cable 09DAMASCUS357,


DE RUEHDM #0357 1390726
P 190726Z MAY 09

5. (C) Comment: The King's readout provided Bashar with an unusually reliable source of information with respect to Washington dynamics, though it is well within Bashar's ability to misinterpret the briefing.

If the reporting on Muallim's comment regarding Fayyad is indeed accurate, the schizophrenic nature of Syrian foreign policy once again reared its ugly face.

 On one hand, President Asad welcomed King Abdullah with open arms and expressed support for a comprehensive peace during the same week in he received Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Meanwhile, FM Muallim's endorsement of a Hamas talking-point underscores that Syria's assertions of a constructive approach are highly suspect. MAXWELL

C O N F I D E N T I A L DAMASCUS 000357 



E.O. 12958: DECL: 05/17/2019 TAGS: PREL KPAL KWBG IS JO SY

Classified By: Charge d'Affaires Maura Connelly for reasons 1.4(b,d) 

¶1. (U) This is a corrected copy of Damascus 349 to include additional addressees. 

¶2. (C) The brief and short-notice May 11 visit of Jordan's King Abdullah II to Damascus concluded successfully according to Syrian press and the Jordanian Consul, Anas Oran. Though King Abdullah was only on the ground for three hours, the visit was constructive, with the King meeting privately with President Bashar Al-Asad in the People's Palace for roughly 45 minutes. He then attended a working lunch, hosted by Asad, which included senior members of the Syrian government such as Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallim. The Jordanian diplomat confirmed media reports that the expressed purpose of the visit was to brief President Asad on the outcome of King's April 21 meeting with President Obama. Additionally, the diplomat indicated Asad passed "some type" of message to King Abdullah intended for Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, though our contact had no specific details on the nature of the message. 

¶3. (C) Consul Oran reported the Jordanian Embassy was particularly pleased with the laudatory news coverage of the Syrian-controlled press, which had not traditionally been the case. The Jordanian Embassy here reacted positively to signals they received from the SARG on the possibility of Jordan serving as an intermediary between the U.S. and Syria; such previous offers had been immediately rebuffed by the SARG the diplomat noted. 

¶4. (C) Separately, Consul Oran recounted what he characterized as a "strange" comment by FM Muallim during the lunch. According to the diplomat, who did attend the lunch, Muallim "out of nowhere" stated that the appointment of Salam Fayyad as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority would be unacceptable to the Syrian government. The diplomat reported that the King did not respond to the Muallim's outburst. 

¶5. (C) Comment: The King's readout provided Bashar with an unusually reliable source of information with respect to Washington dynamics, though it is well within Bashar's ability to misinterpret the briefing. If the reporting on Muallim's comment regarding Fayyad is indeed accurate, the schizophrenic nature of Syrian foreign policy once again reared its ugly face. On one hand, President Asad welcomed King Abdullah with open arms and expressed support for a comprehensive peace during the same week in he received Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Meanwhile, FM Muallim's endorsement of a Hamas talking-point underscores that Syria's assertions of a constructive approach are highly suspect. MAXWELL

Tracking ISRAEL....

DAMASCUS:Viewing cable 09DAMASCUS195,

DE RUEHDM #0195/01 0740419
O 150419Z MAR 09



E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/12/2029 TAGS: PREL PTER IR IS SY

DAMASCUS 00000195 001.2 OF 003 
Classified By: CDA Maura Connelly for reasons 1.4 b, d. 

¶1. (S/NF) Summary: Providing a lengthy review of Syria's 30-year relations with Iran, Muallim denied Syria,s dependence on Iran and said Damascus maintained relations with Tehran because it promoted Syrian interests in resisting Israeli occupation, among other objectives. Syria had decided to attend Annapolis and conduct indirect peace talks with Israel based on its own interests, despite Iranian objections. 

On Iran's nuclear program, Muallim said he had advised FM Solana to drop the Five-plus-One group's three-tier demands on Iran to suspend enrichment activities. Instead, the West needed to recognize Iran,s rights under the NPT to conduct civilian nuclear activities. Feltman and Shapiro argued there was a lack of trust about Iran,s intentions. The U.S. policy review on Iran was ongoing, but the U.S. had offered to invite Iran to an Afghanistan security conference. Muallim replied this was a positive step and hoped the U.S. would engage Iran directly. Muallim recapped his meetings with Saudi King Abdullah and Saudi FM Saud al-Faisal, noting Syria had agreed it was best for Qatar not to invite an Iranian representative to this year's Arab League Summit. End Summary

 ¶2. (S/NF) Acting NEA A/S Jeffrey Feltman and NSC Senior Director for the Near East and North Africa Dan Shapiro met for three-and-a-half hours on March 7 with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallim, Vice FM Faisal Miqdad, and Presidential Advisor for Political and Media Affairs Bouthaina Shaaban. Feltman's delegation was accompanied by Charge and Pol/Econ Chief (notetaker.) Feltman and Shapiro's central message was that the U.S. administration was pursuing sustained and principled engagement with Syria and other countries as a matter of policy. The President and Secretary did not view engagement as a reward, but rather as a tool for achieving concrete objectives. This cable reports on the parts of the discussion that dealt with Syria's relationship with Iran. It should be read in conjunction with septels on discussions regarding Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestinian issues, comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace issues, and Embassy Damascus operations.

Syrian Interests in Relations with Iran 

¶3. (S/NF) Summing up a lengthy presentation on Syria's 30-year relationship with Iran, Muallim asserted Syria's position was motivated by Israel's occupation of Arab land. He denied Syria,s dependence on Iran and said Damascus maintained relations with Tehran because it promoted Syrian interests that included economic ties, a large number of Iranian tourists traveling to Syria, and cultural ties. As proof of Syria's free hand, Muallim argued Syria had decided to attend Annapolis and conduct indirect peace talks with Israel based on its own interests, despite Iranian objections. "Syria is not in the pocket of anybody, even the U.S.," Muallim stated. 

Engaging Iran: Syrian and U.S. Perspectives -------------------------------------------- 

¶4. (S/NF) At the request of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, Syria had discussed Iran's nuclear program with Tehran, according to Muallim. Muallim stipulated Syria opposed nuclear weapons by any country in the region, as evinced by Syria's 2003 nuclear free zone proposal to the UN Security Council. However, as President Asad and Muallim had told EU Commissioner Solana during his February 25 visit to Damascus, Syria viewed the Five-plus-One approach to Iran's nuclear file as fundamentally flawed. Iran lacked confidence in the good will of Western nations and saw the process as deeply politicized against it. Syria's advice was that the West needed to recognize Iran's right as an NPT signatory to pursue a civilian nuclear program; calling on Iran to suspend its enrichment activities as a precondition to negotiating with it violated that principle. If Western countries were willing to drop this pre-condition and recognize Iran's NPT rights, then Iran might be persuaded to address concerns 

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about the need for greater transparency. This discussion needed to take place under the auspices of the IAEA, rather than in the UN Security Council under the threat of sanctions, Muallim argued. 

¶5. (S/NF) Feltman replied there was a lack of confidence among various countries concerning Iran's intentions and Iran had a long way to go before it could rebuild the trust it had lost. The IAEA had issued a number of damning reports pointing out inconsistencies in Iran's nuclear program. Iranian leaders continued to disseminate inflammatory rhetoric against Israel and even other Arab nations. Feltman explained the U.S. was currently conducting a comprehensive review of its Iran policy and whether and under what conditions engaging Tehran might be possible. The U.S. had recently decided to invite the Iranians to participate in an Afghanistan security conference, for example, but it was unclear how Iranians would react to U.S. efforts to engage. It would be necessary for Iran to take positive steps, as well, argued Feltman. Iran's failure to implement relevant UN Security Council resolutions, such as UNSCR 1747 in the case of the Monchegorsk, did not portend well for Iran's behavior. 

¶6. (S/NF) Muallim said that a U.S. decision to engage Iran was a positive sign, while noting Tehran's reaction thus far had been negative. He encouraged the U.S. to continue these efforts nevertheless. Regarding the Monchegorsk, Muallim claimed the issue had been clouded because of differences in interpretation regarding whether UNSCR 1747 applied to all Iranian shipments or only to nuclear-related ones. As of that moment, the Monchegorsk was a Russian ship under a Cypriot flag carrying small arms. It had been unloaded and its contents were now in storage under Cypriot custody. Launching into one of the few tirades of the morning session, Muallim argued the ship would not arrive in Syria. Why, Muallim asked, unable to contain himself, did the U.S. want Syria to negotiate with Israel from a state of "perpetual weakness." "What about the illegal (sic) weapons the U.S. supplied to Israel" he charged, referring to white phosphorus "Who attacked whom three times last year?" Muallim asked. This level of concern about a single ship seemed steeply disproportionate to the fact it was delivering small arms to Syria. What about U.S. shipments to Israel, some of which may be been used to commit crimes against humanity? he asked. 

Arab Concerns about Iranian Intentions 

¶7. (S/NF) Feltman replied that he was not using this meeting to make any accusations against Syria, but the broader issue was how to deal with Iran. Shapiro added that Iran was the only country that could violate UNSCR 1747. Muallim argued that U.S. policy to isolate Iran had actually increased Iran's regional influence. Syria recognized Iran's legitimate interests and influence that extended between southwest Asia to the Arabian/Persian Gulf. At the same, Syria had sought to assure Arab countries of Iranian good will and vice versa. Muallim recounted how former Syrian President Hafez al-Asad had intervened diplomatically when Iranian troops threatened to occupy Basra during the Iraq-Iran War in the 1980s. Likewise, when Tehran recently issued provocative rhetoric against Bahrain (claiming the country was a province of Iran), President Asad had called Bahraini King Hamad Bin Isa to reassure him of Arab support against any threats against Bahraini sovereignty. Syria's influence had helped to convince Iran to retract its statement. 

¶8. (S/NF) Currently, Syria was working to assure Arab regimes of Iran,s desire for cooperation and to convince Iran of Arab good will and vice versa, Muallim said. He discounted Arab fear of Iran as "irrational" and ascribed it to the previous U.S. administration's policies. Muallim replied he had heard UAE concerns about Iranian plots to invade and sought to assure Gulf and other Arab states that Syria wanted the upcoming AL Summit to succeed. Muallim 

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said he had talked to his Saudi and Egyptian counterparts as well and had agreed to exclude any Iranian presence at the Doha conference. 9. (SBU) Acting NEA A/S Feltman and NSC NENA Senior Director Shapiro cleared this cable. CONNELLY