Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Smiley Culture: This it would appear is how the British police play out a drugs raid with four officers, as was the case with Smiley.. No mention if drugs were found the day Smiley died. BUT as you can see in this footage I do not think police officers would be in the mood nor Smiley for making cups of tea... also notice an officer is present at all times once the owner of the property arrived. I also noticed he was handcuffed, would this have been the normal procedure for Smiley ? Remember also these officers were in Smiley's home for more than one and a half hours. Had they burst in the same way as shown in this footage, I would imagine this is when the incident happened..which leaves one wondering what the police were doing for such an extraordinary length of time before calling for help...One more point I do not believe this is in anway racial, the police will cover it up because they can. No witnesses. However, had Smiley been white, middleclass this story would not have disappeared so quickly from the media mainstream. Missing' white girl syndrome' is a fact of life, you simply sell more newspapers.