Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The MET stench. DC Stuart Hobkirk starts the whitewashing on the death of Smiley Culture...

DC Stuart Hobkirk is a liar, the first reports supplied by MURDOCHS the Sun (via the MET) 'crime' reporter Mike Sullivan were as follows....Smiley Culture went to the kitchen to make some tea...When the public picked up on the fact it is illegal for an officer once in your home to let you out of his sight ,we now have a group of officers who claim Smiley stabbed himself in front of them. The 'LACK' of independent witnesses comment is farcical, just the word of four offices and a dead man....I repeat DC Stuart Hobkirk is a liar, something happened in that house and Smiley died....the police have closed ranks and the officers involved need not worry about their pensions.

Police claims also over the week-end that protestors threw light bulbs containing ammonia at them appears also be a blatant lie. I would ask anyone how do you place ammonia inside a light bulb. This news flashed around the world without a shred of proof...proving once again the MET are not to be trusted.

The 48-year-old asked police if he could make a cup of tea before being taken into custody.
Detectives allowed Smiley - real name David Emmanuel - to go and put the kettle on in his kitchen.
Drugs police raid

Reggae star Smiley Culture plunged a carving knife into his chest during a police drug raid on his home, a police detective has said.

Detective Constable Stuart Hobkirk told a judge the musician – real name David Emanuel – stabbed himself in front of officers at his Warlingham home on March 15.

The revelation came at Croydon Crown Court on Tuesday, where Mr Emanuel, who grew up in Tulse Hill, was due to stand trial for conspiracy to supply cocaine.

DC Hobkirk confirmed the warrant for the raid related to information regarding smuggling of drugs.

He told the court the raid involved the same team of officers who helped bring the first drug charges against Mr Emanuel.

When the prosecutor asked DC Hobkirk whether Mr Emanuel “took a carving knife and plunged it into his chest”, he replied “yes”.

The judge dropped proceedings against the 48-year-old because of his death.

An Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigation has been launched into the raid, with Mr Emanuel’s family calling for a public inquiry.

Hundreds of people packed Lambeth Assembly Hall last Thursday, March 24, to hear an update on the investigation from IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin.

The angry crowd listened intently to Mr Franklin, who gave details of the investigation, but booed and shouted “murderers” at every mention of police officers.

Mr Franklin said: “The community demands the truth and I’m seeking the truth, but I need your support in this process.”

The commissioner told the meeting the lack of independent witnesses was a hurdle to the investigation, which could only be overcome by extensive forensic examination.

The popular musican’s nephew, Merlin Emanuel, said the family had hired solicitors and a coroner to carry out a second postmortem examination on Mr Emanuel’s body.

Social justice campaigner Lee Jasper, who chaired the meeting, urged people to join the Facebook group Campaign 4 Justice 4 Smiley Culture, which already has more than 5,000 members.

Reggae artist Asha Senator, who went to Tulse Hill School and composed with Mr Emanuel, sang a song he wrote in his memory.

A march is to take place from Wandsworth Road to Scotland Yard on April 16.

LONDON — Police say protesters have thrown paint bombs and light bulbs filled with ammonia at officers in London’s center during a demonstration against budget cuts.
London’s Metropolitan Police said Saturday a group of black-clad demonstrators also threw paint bombs at shops and banks on the main shopping streets of Oxford Street and New Bond Street.

The group had broken away from a larger march organized by the Trade Union Council to protest against government cuts to public services.

Organizers say the main demonstration has attracted at least 100,000 people and is otherwise peaceful.