Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smiley Culture: The first to tweet the news of Smileys death was Martin Brunt laughingly called a 'Crime reporter' for SKY NEWS...The following day another laughingly called 'crime reporter' Mike Sullivan (The SUN) explained how the death of Smiley came about...he went to make a cup of tea said ( sell his mother to the nearest bidder ) Sullivan.The connection ? both outlets are coincidence also that MURDOCH , hand in glove with the MET who are both in deep shit over phone hacking allegations....prying into peoples private lives to report their misery in The News of the World..Smiley Culture STILL not in the mainstream media indicates the MET have requested no publicity for Smiley. Four against one and the witness is dead.

Martin Brunts tweets


Smiley Culture police meeting causes outburst

WRONG: Acting Met Police Commissioner Tim Goodwin
REASSURANCES FROM the Met Police that it hoped the investigation into the death of reggae icon Smiley Culture would be "thorough, speedy and open to scrutiny" has fallen on deaf ears.
Campaigners gathered at City Hall, in central London, this morning (March 31) for the monthly Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) meeting.
It is the first time the Met Police, who are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), following the Cockney Translation singer's shock death on March 15.
Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin, said: "It is very wrong to jump to a judgement either way until we see the evidence that’s produced. My sympathies are with the family and friends.”
He added: “I hope the investigation will be thorough and speedy and open to scrutiny at the end. That’s all I can really say at this time.”
It prompted several cries from the packed public gallery, including one of “murderers”.
As the crowd grew more vocal, the meeting had to be adjourned.
Many of the spectators were upset about statements from a police officer, Det Con Stuart Hobkirk, who told Croydon Crown Court this week that he saw Smiley Culture plunge a carving knife into his own chest.
Once the meeting restarted, Godwin continued: “We truly are a different organisation to the one we were in the Nineties and what we have to do is constantly revisit and challenge ourselves.
“We have learnt a lot and, whilst this was a distressing event, we still must not decry all the efforts that have gone on by some very good people.”
MPA member Cindy Butts was reduced to tears by the protest. She said: "It has been 30 years since the Brixton riots and so much has changed… [but] we have so much to do."
Reggae musician Smiley Culture, real name David Emmanuel, died during a police raid on his home in Warlingham, Surrey.
He suffered a single stab wound to the heart, which four police witnesses allege he inflicted upon himself.
Emmanuel was due to face trial after being charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in September last year alongside four others.
The case is now to lie on file.