Thursday, March 31, 2011

Smiley Culture and corruption in the MET. This item reported the same day Smiley died , a group of officers planned to fabricate evidence and frame a student...This will not help Smiley or his family but shows the stench within the MET and had the evidence not been recorded who knows what story they would have made up....

A group of riot police officers have been accused of trying to frame and falsely arrest a student taking part in last year's tuition fee demonstrations.

The 20-year-old had gone to Parliament Square on December 9th 2010 and was chased after he broke a police cordon.

Three Metropolitan Police officers pursued him and then apprehended him a short distance away. One of the protester's teeth got chipped at some point during the chase.

However, the officers appeared to forget they were carrying recording equipment and it is claimed they then began to discuss making up a reason to arrest the unnamed man.
It has been reported that they were prepared to allege the man had threatened to cause criminal damage to a nearby building.
The incident only came to light after the protester complained that police had used unreasonable force to detain him and the Met listened to the tapes, with the case now being referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

All three unnamed officers now face an investigation into whether or not they perverted the course of justice and could be sacked.
"We are investigating a serious allegation that an officer colluded with colleagues to arrest a man on false grounds. We will also look at how he got a broken tooth," commented police commissioner Rachel Cerfontyne.

Earlier this month, HJA's Ruth Hammann spoke to the Guardian regarding the tuition fee protests, commenting that a generation of students face criminalisation because of all the cautions issued at the events.