Saturday, May 28, 2011

Assange: is NOT wanted for rape!

Partner at Firm Counseling Assange's Accusers Helped the CIA In Rendition for Torture...True or False?

Assange: Gags all staff members...

Former Assange Partner Writes Critical Tell-All Book

WikiLeaks Defector Slams Assange In Tell-All Book

Wired, 10 February 2011

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost control of his site’s submission system in an internal revolt last fall, and has never regained it, according to a tell-all book penned by the organization’s top defector, who accuses Assange of routinely exaggerating the security of the secret-spilling website and lying to the public about the size and strength of the organization.

Although WikiLeaks has claimed for months that its submission system is down due to a backlog of documents it has no time to process, Daniel Domscheit-Berg writes in Inside WikiLeaks that he and a top WikiLeaks programmer seized the submission system when they defected from the organization last September, along with documents in the system at the time.

“This is the first time we’ve told anyone about this,” Domscheit-Berg writes.

Domscheit-Berg, who was known as Daniel Schmitt during his nearly three-year tenure with the organization, had a high-profile fallout last year with Assange, whom he once considered a best friend. He now says of Assange, “Sometimes I hate him so much that I’m afraid I’d resort to physical violence if our paths ever cross again.”

The most serious charge that Domscheit-Berg makes is that Assange doesn't give a damn about protecting people named in leaked documents.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ben Needham: Spanish bloggers pick up on Kerry's plight but not the British media ! have they been gagged ?

Ben Needham: No media coverage for Ben but plenty for Maddie WHY ?

9/11 Explosion: There can be no doubt , the twin towers were blown up.

Watch the video and weep...
Confirmation from David Cameron...

Strauss-Khan affair: Why did Hotel wait one hour before calling the police ?

Strauss Kahn Affair---Trial by Twitter...

Strauss Kahn is being held in New York, facing allegations of sexual assault. Should we be anxious about the current feeding frenzy? Whether the IMF chief is innocent or guilty, his arrest has raised questions about whether he will ever be able to have a fair trial.

Gossip around the incident is filtering out all over Twitter. A top executive and a chambermaid in a New York hotel is a classic and unfortunate story promising captivating twists and turns. Strauss-Khan’s lawyer declared the French economist will plead not guilty, but the sensational incident and the intense clamour around it has wrecked his hopes of running for president of France next year, or of continuing to lead the IMF – he resigned last night.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn resigns as IMF head...The IMF will continue to be run by John Lipsky as Acting Managing Director until a new Managing Director can be found....enter Gordon Brown !!!!

OBAMA is Black Mascot of Wall Street...Prof.Cornell West with Obama bin Lying

A leading African American intellectual has reversed his support for Barack Obama, calling the U.S. president 'a black mascot of Wall street'.
Cornel West, a professor at Princeton University's Center for African American Studies, had previously supported Obama and took part in 65 campaign events during the president's election year.
But in an interview that with the website Truthdig, West attacked the president for not being true to his race and dismissed him as 'a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats.'
Harsh words: Professor Cornell West, seen here with then-senator Barack Obama on the campaign trail in New York, has turned on the president
Harsh words: Professor Cornell West, seen here with then-senator Barack

Read more:

David Kelly: Cameron does he know who ordered the hit, he certainly wishes no further enquiry !

ISRAEL: Tragic case of Israels difference, the Israeli Goverment has not covered up for the family !

#U.S Scam: Proof of Set Up: Head of IMF domain dropped 10 days before Strauss-Kahn sex assault


What’s interesting, is that the domain name dropped literally days before yesterday’s event.
Sure enough, a domain entrepreneur registered this accurate, dashed version of the financier’s last name and it’s currently parked at with an amusing picture in its template...

US Scam enter Gordon Brown....DSK Accuser was granted asylum by US Goverment...

........And the story goes..... so then, a young and vulnerable single mother (who is not a US citizen and not the sharpest card in the pack, but is known to the US authorities) gets protected by those same US authorities in preparation for the trial of a man who is a known sex abuser (the more this goes on, the more his grope-habit becomes clear) and also happens to be the most pro-euro and anti-dollar man at the IMF….which he just happens to be running.

David Kelly : Sir Peter Tapsell is a bit of a Bulldog...lets hope so for Dr.Kelly's sake.

THE moment the clubby magisterial tones of Sir Peter Tapsell rang out in the Commons yesterday in PMQ, asking David Cameron to enquire into the possible “abduction and murder” of Dr David Kelly, my thoughts went to that firm of Islington solicitors, Leigh Day and Co.

A firm that has  often troubled the Establishment, it was set up, I believe, in the 1970s and drew in Geoffrey Bindman before he formed his own company.
Now, they are representing a group of senior doctors who are sceptical about the official view of Dr Kelly’s death.

Dr Kelly, cynical about New Labour’s dossiers about Iraq’s weapons, was said to have committed suicide near his home.

The doctors say the medical evidence confounds this theory.

Now, Sir Peter has joined the fray, clearly on the side of the doctors. “Murder?” his voice thundered in the Commons.

Cameron refused to stage another inquiry. But Sir Peter is a bit of a bulldog, and Cameron may fear his involvement in the Kelly case

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cameron denies Dr.David Kelly a full investigation into his death while at the same time covering up the disappearance of Madeleine McCann whose parents are STILL in the frame.

Outrage as Cameron denies Dr.David Kelly the right to a full investigation as the mystery to this day surrounding his murder death lingers on.  Meanwhile ,the two people who remain of interest to the Police investigestion into the disapperance of Madeleine McCann are being protected by the British establishment. Lord Toby Harris was correct on one score, the death of Madeleine McCann needs to be reveiwed .

The parents need to return to Portugal not to plug a book but to do a reconstruction as to how they claim their daughter disappeared.

Cameron buries David Kelly and Madeleine McCann on the same day.

Sir Peter Tapsell suggested to Cameron today as the whitewash investigation has begun into the abduction or murder of Madeleine McCann should we not also look into the suicide or murder of  Dr. David Kelly ?  Cameron , the new whipping boy of MURDOCH'S  replied to a stunned audience 'there is no need to look any further into the death of Dr.Kelly'. However , Cameron will still continue the Goverment cover-up into the death/murder of Madeleine McCann.

CHINA: Warns USA..DON'T mess with Pakistan or you will be messing with us !!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

IRISHLEAKS: With their first leak they believe of great interest to the public...

Garda probe into Nephin Valley water scheme ORLA HEARNS
AN Garda Síochána has confirmed that it is carrying out enquiries into a report received of an incident concerning the Nephin Valley Group Water Scheme.

The distribution of alleged manipulated recordings of meetings of the Board of the Scheme caused uproar at the AGM of Nephin Valley Group Water Scheme Cooperative Society Ltd last Thursday night, March 31. The controversial recordings were circulated anonymously on CD to multiple residents in advance of the AGM, which attracted a capacity crowd to Lahardane Community Centre. A member of An Garda Síochána was also in attendance at the meeting where many members of the public expressed great anger and concern about the content of the CD and questioned the manner in which the Group Water Scheme is being administered.

Members of the Board stated at the AGM that the recordings of their meetings had been obtained by illegal means and had been manipulated. They condemned the “malicious actions, threats and innuendo” that they had been subjected to as a result and said the matter had now been placed in the hands of the gardaí.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ASSANGE: The British press weep from the pain of castration.

Cameron / Obama  guilty of war crimes as yet unreported from LIbya. The Daily Mail continues to protect the McCanns who no matter which way you paint it , are suspects in the disappearance of their daughter. They have not been cleared nor have they been charged this is true BUT the press continue to assist the parents in covering up the disappearance of their daughter. Madeleine Mccann three years old never harmed anyone so why are the British hacks not interested in finding out what happened to her  AND more importantly why are they not investigating the David Payne incident...which has become an elephant in the room.

The Daily mail ask today is ASSANGE worthy of a peace award, absolutely ASSANGE has more balls than the entire British press put together.

If anyone is interested here is what the Ball less , spineless British press are hiding...and a very good lead to what may have happened to Madeleine McCann...may not be the answer BUT its a very good start....considering it is on POLICE record Payne phoned child abuse for 100 seconds on the night of May 4th....
What may have happened to Madeleine and weep.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Columnist Says Barack Obama 'Lied To The American People;' Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama's Book

USA HOAX: Bin Laden used his wife as a human shield while spraying Navy SEALS with bullets from an AK-47 and there was a live video feed relayed straight to the White House situation room.... yeah right.

GITMO: Wikileaks filling the gaping holes..

USA HOAX: Blackmans lies on bin Laden.

USA HOAX: Smokes and Mirrors the bin Laden Death Story...

Osama bin Laden: Myths of villainy and deceit.

USA Hoax continues with MORE photoshopped images...

The photo appears in the following article:

CIA veteran doubts the bin Laden story

USA Hoax contines while fake birth certificate still not confirmed as genuine.

When Almost The Entire Western World Is Revealed To Be A Bunch Of Gullible Idiots: More Fake Photos Emerge In Bin Laden Farce

Friday, May 6, 2011

Obama hoax: Osama to die for the ninth and final time.

Prediction from 2010,which explains FBI fabricating images using Spanish MP in 2009.

It appears that we are being primed for the "death" of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Attorney General Eric Holder told a House panel this month [March 2010] that bin Laden "will never appear in an American courtroom."
Others who have examined the evidence, and the "bin Laden tapes," have concluded that bin Laden is dead.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that the US has had no reliable information on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden in years.
But the US needs a neat ending to its war on Afghanistan.

 bin Laden's death will be seen as a fitting end to this genocidal war for the control of energy resources. Of course it will have to be done so that visual identification is not possible.

We suspect that when bin Laden is "killed," we'll just have to trust the folks that lied us into war to confirm they got him.

Obama hoax: Western journalists snigger in disbelief as the U.S continue with a farce that has become hysterical.

LIBYA :Gaddafi gold-for-oil, dollar-doom plans behind Libya 'mission'?

OBAMA hoax: Spanish MP'S image used for two terrorists posters: Osama Bin Laden and Atiyah Abd al-Rahman.

The FBI has admitted that it used a party political photo of Spanish MP Gaspar Llamazares (picture, centre) to create two identikit photos of wanted terrorists Osama Bin Laden and Atiyah Abd al-Rahman. Despite the first one being removed after a complaint to the US embassy, later the same day a second photo of a different terrorist using Dr Llamazares details was posted to US government websites.

OBAMA Hoax: FBI fabricating images....

Spanish MP's photo used for Osama Bin Laden poster

From left: Osama Bin Laden (1998); Photo-fit of Osama Bin Laden, aged 52; Gaspar Llamazares (Izquierda Unida)

OBAMA HOAX: Oh no, he's not dead AGAIN.....


Obama fraudster continues to deceive the world...

But there is some good news, Lt.Col. Lakin will be realeased from prison Saturday 14th May. Col. Lakin is a man of honour, a word as foreign to Barry as is his birthright, whatever it may be.

Lt.Col Larkin:Obama's orders as Commander-in-Chief are not lawful if he is an usurper who lied about his birthplace to assume his office.

Lt. Col. Larkin was sentenced for 6 months, and now finally coming home  we should all thank the liberal's President Obama, the cowardice Congress, and the pathetic court system, for sending him there due to Obama's inability to produce his long form birth certificate out of pure spite, and maliciousness.

"F-The American People" Obama's actions say. As did the congressional members, and the court system who never had the nuts to challenge a black President out of pure fear of our society mimicking the L.A. Rodney King riots.
Lt. Col. Larkin forfeited all pay and rank for his steadfastness and heroic actions  After being freed,  the talk show circuit, the book deals, and perhaps a movie deal, will be in the works.

Obama spin continues as we wait for proof of this clowns birth certificate. No record of Osamas HALF sister having been in Boston hospital AND even if this farce were true , her DNA would mean zilch.

OBAMA : The new 007, license to kill without a trial...


Americans: More squeamish about killing dogs than killing Iraqi children.

You may think to yourself, our boys could never do things like that. Watch this video  click to watch of US soldiers tormenting a crippled dog. The video of them shooting a dog has been pulled. People are more squeamish about killing dogs that killing Iraqi children.
While in Iraq we had a sport of killing dogs whenever the Iraqis weren’t shooting us. So when I shot this one at about 50 yards with my M4 and it ran yelping to lower ground, we had to finish it so my friends and I went to it and started shooting it. I’ve never seen a dog take as many shots to the head at least 4 as this one did and then after we thought it was dead we dug a hole and when I picked it up with the shovel it came back to life, so we shot it a couple more times…its pretty funny.
~ M. D. formerly of A TRP 1-10 CAV 4ID

Lt.Col Lakin: Obama Fraud: Because the TRUTH matters..

The two separate birth announcements appearing in the local newspapers, The Honolulu Advertiser and The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, in 1961 needing further clarification. That the two newspapers were operating out of the same building at 605 Kapi'Olani St. That more than likely, the State Dept of Health, in 1961 was not prepared to deal with a birth where validity was in question. The list of babies being printed prior to amending with Barak's named stricken from the list. The only public and rather flimsy record contemporaneous to the time being offered to the public.

Who were the doctor(s) and nurse(s) at Kapi'Olani that delivered Barack? My ex-wife worked at the hospital and I understand the records at Kapi'Olani are impeccable. Where are the foot prints? What public records exist that can even demonstrate that Mrs. Obama was even at Kapi'Olani on the day of Barack's birth?

Talk at Kapi'Olani, would have been unabashed, the city of Honolulu at the time very racist towards black people.

Even up until the early 1990's, as CEO of a local electrical contracting company was not allowed by my company president to employ black people. A practice that was common place at the time.

FBI fraud: Why were the FBI putting together a digital image in 2010 of what Osama bin Laden may look like ten years on, not using his face but anothers...when was the last time ANYONE saw bin Laden...answers on a postcard.

Obama circus, hysterical..any credibilty the Americans had, all be it minute, gone forever. This is the joke of the century as the Whithouse continues to spin their way out of a massive hoax...not as easy to pull off as 9/11 , was it guys?

dillinger Osama Bin Ladens Dead Body Photos: Want To See? THE White House’s kak-handed handling of the death of Osama bin Laden makes us wonder if public enemy number one rally is dead. We saw Dillinger. Show us Osama.
Damian Thompson says the approach has been good for conspiracy theorists. But wanting proof does not make you a nutter in a tin hat. Questioning the official version of events – one that keeps changing – does not make you a denier.
We’ve charted a few of the lies here. And now get a load of this from Hillary Clinton, who was in the Obama wargaming room when the kill was broadcast (or was it?).
clinton war Osama Bin Ladens Dead Body Photos: Want To See? The Daily Mail reports this gem as unquestionable fact:
Back to Thompson, who writes:
The internet played a huge role in spreading false claims about 9/11 in the five years after September 11. But, if the technology of five years ago was easily adaptable by conspiracy theories, that of 2011 offers infinitely more sophisticated means of making outlandish claims appear as plausible as the BBC evening news.
While Thompson believes it all without questison, Jim Treacher wants a body:
I want to see the pictures because they show Osama Bin Laden with a big hole in his head. I saw people jump out of the Twin Towers. I saw those buildings fall down. I saw the people who ran for their lives down the streets of New York in front of an avalanche of ash. I saw the faces of the people who lived through it. Now I want to see what happened to the guy who did it. I want the world to see how that turned out for him.
oswald1 Osama Bin Ladens Dead Body Photos: Want To See? Can censorship be justified? Harold Evans writes:
…it was merely to satisfy morbid curiosity to show us the dead Lee Harvey Oswald [photo] lying on a pathologist’s table, with the crude post-mortem stitches lacerating his chest. That picture was suppressed but eventually made it into print. I’d guess that the same will happen with the bin Laden and it won’t do more than indulge a prurient curiosity.
Sarah Palin wades in and Rob Delaney responds:
I’m imagining a group of terrorists sitting around a computer, pulling up a photo of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse, and one saying “WHOA GUYS, if we try to ‘destroy America’ they might try put BULLETS in our FACES. We better knock this malarkey off ASAP. Return that fertilizer to the hardware store and let’s use the fuel we’ve stockpiled to power the generator at my nephew’s school for a few weeks.”
Terrorists, especially of the Jihadi variety, are frequently prepared for and SEEKING death, whether it come in the form of a bullet, explosion, or underpants conflagration on a Detroit-bound flight. But I presume Sarah Palin knows this. So her tweet is both “politicking” and “drama.” It’s theater, in fact.
Show us the body. The truth is brutal (warning: graphic photos)…

Source: ANORAK

The Obama fairy tale ..keeps on changing.

Abbottabad residents: Operation of killing Bin Laden a hoax

An eyewitness of Pakistan said, "We are not fools, it's America, and the dirty American policies. Whenever they want to take control of an area, they act this way. Osama was never here, America wants to destroy the image of the Pakistan army."
Pakistan president Asif ali Zardari has denied that Pakistan knew about Osama's presence in the country.
And those who live close to this compound say bin Laden was never in that house.
An eyewitness of Pakistan said, "I have lived here all my life, I have never seen Osama Bin Laden come or go from here. We are a close knit community. At least we would have seen him once, but we did not. And even if he was killed, the Pakistan army should have conducted the operation"
When I spoke with the members of the anti terrorist squad, surprisingly even they couldn't confirm Bin Laden's killing.

Obama / Wikipedia and the biggest hoax since 9/11.

Wikipedia over the week-end removed vital information from their bin Laden webpage AFTER it was announced the death of Osama .... AND the information they removed was the fact he was an only child....bin Laden had three half brothers and one HALF sister so the Obama machine lied once more to the American people. DNA of a half Sibling would not be concluisve fact it would be no proof at all which is why WIKIPEDIA were asked to remove this fact.

WIKIPEDIA continued during the day to remove other information including the FBI had used a Spanish Mp for their bin Laden propaganda.

Obama hoax : The FBI could of course always use MP Spanish Gaspar Llamazares again , splash a bit of blood on him and claim it's Osama. Thing is Gaspar does not like the American games, so I doubt he'd play ball.

Obama fraud:FBI Used image of Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares and claimed it was Obama.

On January 15, 2010, the FBI published digitally aged pictures of Osama bin Laden showing what he may look like after a decade of aging. Spanish newspaper El Mundo subsequently revealed that the FBI had used a photo of Spanish politician Gaspar Llamazares from Google Images to create the image. The FBI admitted to using the photo and removed it from its website. Llamazares has responded by stating that he was "stupefied by the FBI's decision to use his photograph to compose its latest image of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden" and that he is considering taking legal action if the FBI does not provide an explanation.[141] An internal investigation has been launched by the FBI to find out if this was done intentionally.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Americas dream, now the land of Communism

Cinco de Mayo Special!

Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrettare product's of the corrupt Chicago political machine.

OBAMA and VALERIE JARRETT....keep focused people on the REAL news...

Fed informant passed delicate message to Blagojevich from Obama

Reporting with Lark Turner

John Harris testifies that on Nov. 10, 2008, lobbyist John Wyma called him with a message from President-Elect Obama's camp.

Obamas walking the streets naked and everyone afraid to say...the joker, the hoaxer...bin Laden has died nine times, even a cat does not have such luck !

Obama he's good, he's very good...9/11 victims are raped a second time by the Goverment who blew their families into oblivion.

Obama the birther, is'nt he a lucky little terrorist he also found future 'spectaculars' planned for US soil..Still no talk on his fake birth certificate though.

7/7 London bombings (hoax) are the British people wise enough to realise after this week-ends American farce 7/7 WAS an inside job.

Obama the butcher: 9/11 families are used in the killers PR stunt, his birth certificate STILL the main issue.

OBAMA the butcher of Muslims: Columnist Says Barack Obama 'Lied To The American People;' (2004)

 of MuslimsPosted on miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2004 23:14:13 by Gelato

Columnist Says Barack Obama 'Lied To The American People;'
Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama's Book

Tuesday August 10, 9:22 pm ET
NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ --'s independent contrarian columnist, Andy Martin, will publish a column and hold simultaneous news conferences in New York and London on Wednesday, August 11th to disclose he believes Barack Obama is a political fraud who "lied to the American people." Martin has asked Crown Books to stop sales of Obama's book because of its fraudulent content. Martin says Obama may be a threat to the Jewish community.
Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:00 A.M.
Location: Northeast Corner of Fifth Avenue and 65th
Street (Temple Emanu-El)

Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 4:00 P.M.
Location: 2 Dryden Mansions, Queens Club Gardens London W14
"I feel sad having to expose Barack Obama," says Martin, "but the man is a complete fraud. The truth is going to surprise, and disappoint, and outrage many people who were drawn to him. He has lied to the American people, and he has sought to misrepresent his own heritage.
"Obama's life story is vastly different from the one he portrays. My point: if he will lie about his mother and father, what else is he lying about? Can we expect 'bimbo eruptions?'
"Fiction: Obama stated in his Convention speech: 'My father ... grew up herding goats.' The 'goat herder' claim has been repeated endlessly. It is a lie. Fact: Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was a prominent and wealthy farmer. His son, Obama's father, was a child of privilege, not privation. He was an outstanding student, not a herdsman.
"Fiction: Obama was given an 'African' name. Fact: Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion. I am a strong supporter of the Muslim community, and I believe Muslims have been scapegoated. Obama has a great opportunity to be forthright. Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named 'Hussein.' That is an Arabic-Muslim, not African, name. Hussein was a devout Muslim and named his son, Barack Senior, 'Baraka.' Baraka is an Arabic word meaning 'blessed.' Baraka comes out of the Koran and Arabic, not Africa.
"Barack Senior was also a devoted Muslim, and also chose a Muslim name for his son, our own Barack Obama, Junior. Again, his name was an Arabic and Koranic.
Obama has spent a lifetime running from his family heritage and religious heritage. Would his father have given his son a Koranic name if the father was not a devout Muslim? Obama's stepfather was also a Muslim. Obama will be the first Muslim-heritage senator; he should be proud of that fact. There is nothing to be ashamed of in any of the three great Abrahamic religions.
"Fiction: Obama Senior was a harmless student 'immigrant' who came to the United States only to study. Fact: Obama was part of one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa: the Kenyatta regime. Obama's father ran back to Kenya soon after the British left. It is likely Obama's father had Mau Mau sympathies or connections, or he would not have been welcomed into the murderous inner circle of rapists, murderers, and arsonists. I believe Obama's secret shame at his family history of rape, murder and arson is what actualizes him. Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine British colonial records. Our investigation to date has drawn on information on three continents.
"And what about Obama's beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters? None of his family was invited to Boston to share his prominence. Are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? More secrecy, more prevarication.
"It is time for Barack Obama to stop presenting a fantasy to the American people. We are forgiving and many would still support him. It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel. His Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles where Obama now enjoys support," Martin states.
"Our investigation is continuing. In he meantime, Crown Books should stop selling Obama's novelization of his life. We have asked Crown to do that. Obama is living a lie."
RESOURCES: Martin's columns at (Govt & Politics); E-mail:
Source: Andy Martin Worldwide Communications

Obama the butcher turned his back on me...

9/11: Obama the birther taking all the glory

Hillary Clinton trying to explain her life on twitter (Satire)!/Cuban_Hillary

OBAMA the 'COCONUT' becomes the laughing stock of the 'non gullible' part of the world...

The further we go into this, the more dubious become the assertions. For instance, the DNA “evidence” gets even more insecure when explored by “Popular Mechanics“. It tell us that one complicating factor in identifying Bin Laden is that he has no full siblings:
“In the case of half-siblings, it is harder to state that there is a match because all one can do is state that it is likely the two people shared a common ancestor (you would not be able to say they are half-brother and -sister any more than you could say they are cousins).”



Philip J Berg on Obama fraud, Obama must be investigated, Obama 2012 reelection announcement

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Barak Obama emerges the cold bloodied killer and it turns them on...Question, who IS the real terrorist ?

Obama- bin Laden Hoax...

Reuters released some photos of the dead at the “compound” - but none of those three they showed were bin Laden. So you mean that they killed all those people and bin Laden and whisked away only bin Laden to the awaiting ship while they left these others there? I am just trying to understand. And they quickly went out to sea and dumped his body overboard.
Is this what Obama wants us to believe happened? In other words there will be no evidence of this event - other than they know want you to believe we are even under a deeper threat now - thus tightening their grip on even more of your (and my) freedoms. Wake up people - I smell a rat here.

Do you believe this tale by the Obama government?

Just to get it straight - there will be no photos of a dead bin Laden. There is no body of bin Laden - he was thrown to sea, but they say they matched him up with “DNA” just to really prove it was him - so we should all believe that this is what happened, right? more..

Cameron is planning another 7/7.....

Obama and Cameron the Butchers of Libya....

Obama the Butcher:Reuters Buys Photos Of Bin Laden Raid Showing Dead Men (Armed Only With A Toy Squirt Gun), No Bin Laden

In a previous post I asked the question: "Who knows who was really in that house if anyone..."

Well it seems I have an answer, not Bin Laden, but some unfortunate bloody unarmed victims. One according to Haaretz was 'armed' with a child's water gun.

One photo shows a computer cable and what looks like a child's plastic green and orange water pistol lying under the right shoulder of one of the dead men. A large pool of blood has formed under his head.

Unfortunately the original site on Reuters with photos has been taken down...I wonder why?

Prison Planet however has one of the photos up on their site. The one with the dead man with the toy squirt gun. A squirt gun?

Obama the Butcher...

Gaddafi's sons bury brother killed in strike by Nato jets
Evening Standard -
1 day ago
Three of Gaddafi's grandchildren, a baby and two toddlers, also died in ... One hospital said that at least eight people were killed and 54 injured in ...

9/11: Coming up to the tenth anniversary and no one wants to believe that the American Goverment massacred their own people...but , they did.

Obama Lies: Says Osama Bin Ladens Death was Conducted Today, News says be...

Anonymous said...
24 hours later a British consort said they took DNA and tested it in Afghanistan this showed positive.I know for a 100% fact the did not hold records of the DNA they were testing so how could it be linked.If these people are trying to fool the masses please don't fall into simple traps.I posted the last DNA statement over many forums to see if this would be found by the spin doctors and it was.SHAME ON YOU ENGLAND AND AMERICA SHAME ON YOU.

Blair wanted for war crimes and treason...

U.S. Hoax: UK Journalist states only the' gullible' believe this nonsense.

OBAMA Hoax: Alleged images of those who died..No Osama though, may inflame the people we are told.

Obama hoax: Distraction over, we are back to the FAKE birth certificate.

Rob Lowe: What a twenty two carat...

Dick Cheney: Bin Laden not wanted for 9/11.

The 'FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11'. Vice President Cheney says, 'We've never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11'

U.S. OSAMA hoax. The Guardian continue to find huge gaps and blatant lies told by Obamas regime...

Wikileaks: Cables of interest released...

OBAMA: Whitehouse scammers are now using a child to try and convince the non believers Osama is dead...I believe he is dead BUT not by their hand.

OBAMA the birther: Forget the distraction ,lets go back to the Whithouse and the fake birth certificate...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

U.S. OSAMA: Benazir Bhutto spoke out of turn when she said Osama binLaden was dead.

This information would have inflamed the American Goverment and ruined their agenda. Question now has to be asked, were the Americans involved in her assassination?  Soon after her murder, too soon some might say, the U.S. brought Osama back to life...and the words of Benazir Bhutto were removed from history .

Prison Planet: Have they been outfoxed by the Thompsons?

I have always had the greatest respect for Prison Planet but their latest article has left me dumbfounded, the reason , Alan and Cindy Thompson....a couple of chancers who tried to fit up Raymond Hewlett as the man who abducted Madeleine McCann. 

Prison Planet are convinced the Thompsons came upon Osama bin Ladens lair...groan......

OSAMA:Wikipedia confirmed death and denied by fake twitter accounts...

U.S. Lying its way out of a corner...

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Monday, May 2, 2011

WIKIPEDIA are not to be trusted: Wikipedia in the last twenty four hours have removed Osama was born an only son from their webpage.

SYRIA: Family dynamics drive Syrian President Assad

As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad struggles to put down widespread protests against his government, the BBC's Kim Ghattas examines the family intrigue constraining his actions.

Scour the net for information about what might be happening inside Syria, the regime and the Assad family and you will find the wildest rumours.

Maher al-Assad, the president's brother and head of the presidential guard, has been caught by defecting soldiers. Or, he's about to stage a coup against Bashar. Vice-President Farouk al-Sharaa has been killed. The Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Mekdad has disappeared.

The wild speculation is partly explained by the almost non-existent access international journalists have had to Syria since the protests started.

Syrian officials who usually interact with international media have also mostly failed to take phone calls or answer e-mails.

For years, the outside world has tried to divine who is winning the internal struggles inside Syria, an opaque country, and the Assad clan.

The violent turn of events in Syria now has people wondering not only what might happen next but also what went wrong with outside assessments of Bashar al-Assad as a leader.

Family rule

For years, the West pinned high hopes on Mr Assad, a quiet ophthalmologist who trained in London for about 18 months.

The US, France and the UK expected the Westernised-looking leader to open Syria up to the West. But 11 years after he came to power, change has been minimal and mostly cosmetic.

A common explanation had Mr Assad as a reformer who understood it was in Syria's interest to align itself with the West but was constrained by his father's conservative old guard.

While this may have been true in the first few years of his rule while Mr Assad found his footing, Ayman Abdelnour, a university friend of the president's now living in self-imposed exile in the United Arab Emirates, says that by 2005, there was no-one left from the old guard.

According to him, any old faces, like adviser Buthaina Shaaban, Vice-President Farouk al-Sharaa or even Foreign Minister Walid Muallem, were powerless but stayed on because they benefited from the system.

In the process, the ruling Baath party was also weakened while business deals and corruption took over as means to consolidate power.

"Power is totally concentrated in the hands of the family," said Mr Abdelnour.
"There is total solidarity between them and he is the president, like a board chairman, they discuss things and make a decision together."

A source close to the Assad family, who spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity for safety reasons, said there was "full co-ordination between Bashar and his brother Maher" who heads the feared Republican Guard.

Road to Damascus

Senator John Kerry was one of those convinced of Mr Assad's desire for change and repeatedly encouraged engagement with Damascus under the Obama administration.
Mr Kerry travelled to Syria a number of times, had dinner with Mr Assad and his wife Asma and attempted to get talks going between Syria and Israel.

Hope of a peace deal between the two enemies has sent many Western politicians on the road to Damascus.

As late as mid-April, while protests were gathering pace in Syria, Mr Kerry suggested it was up to the West to offer more to Mr Assad so he could turn his back on his current ally, Iran.

Demonstrations against the Syrian government have continued despite tough security measures

In Syria, many people, too, had hoped Mr Assad would improve their lives.

But his image of a benevolent leader, frustrated by an old guard in his attempts to bring change to the country, was a well-studied tactic, according to US-based Syrian dissident Ammar Abdulhamid.

"It was the same during Hafez al-Assad's time. The idea is to always blame mistakes of the regime on others, so you can push them out and say now it will be better and have people continue to pin their hopes on the leader," said Mr Abdulhamid, who adds this worked to some extent with the general population.

But over the last few years the reality that Mr Assad was a tough leader putting up an act as reformer became increasingly clear to more people in Syria who confided their bitter disappointment to visiting foreign reporters.

In his attempts to project the image of a Westernised leader that gave Western visitors a sense of familiarity, Mr Assad was helped by Asma, his pretty, London-raised Syrian wife.

The British public relations company Bell-Pottinger also helped to make her the face of Syria's international image.

The anonymous family source suggested Mr Assad married Asma knowing she would be an asset in presenting a fresh face for Syria.

But the source also suggested Asma's approach to her role as first lady caused tension within the Assad family, particularly with the president's sister Boushra and his mother Anisseh, who cared little about public relations.

Weak link?

Despite the friction and occasional estrangement, with Mr Assad's brother-in-law Assef Shakwat for example, the family still sticks together, along with a small coterie of relatives and security chiefs.

"They know that if one of them falls, they all fall.

 It's very much about family solidarity, not anymore just about maintaining Alawite rule," said Mr Abdulhamid.

But the unprecedented challenge to the Assad family's grip on Syria could increase tension or cause rifts.

While Mr Assad is seen as in control, there is also some suggestion that he is the weakest link in the family, kept in check by his brother Maher and possibly his sister Boushra.

Mr Assad the ophthalmologist was not originally destined to become president. His older brother, Basil, an army major and reportedly Hafez's favourite son, was being groomed for the job until he died in a car crash in 1994.

Basil, who often appeared in full military uniform at official functions, was a forceful character, the eldest of five children, a competitive horse rider and an aficionado of fast cars who was popular with women.

Bashar grew up in his shadow, "weak and in his own world", according to the family source and "calm with a soft voice", according to Mr Abdelnour.

"Basil was the boss," said Mr Abdelnour. "Bashar didn't like the limelight. When he became president he became very systematic about stepping up to the plate and learning how to lead."

But even though he was the next in line after Basil, Bashar was not the obvious first choice as potential successor.

Maher, who had had a military career, had been discussed as an option and the anointment of Bashar was met with some resistance, according to the family source who spoke to the BBC.

Even though the father had prepared the ground by getting rid of potential rivals, when Bashar became president he had to assert himself and show leadership.

"Bashar felt that any reform, any questioning of his way of doing things was a sign he wasn't respected," said dissident Abdulhamid, suggesting Bashar may have struggled with feelings of inadequacy or inferiority. "He refused to be treated any differently than his father."

The US and Europe are still hoping he will act differently.

On Friday, Washington imposed sanctions on his brother and his cousin but not President Assad himself, thinking perhaps it might convince him to change course.
It is an open door that the Syrian president does not appear interested in.

But if he is, his family will likely pounce the moment he flinches.

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Wikileaks: The count down...

9/11 "Sleight of Hand": Tricks or feats performed by jugglers or magicians so quickly that their manner of execution cannot be observed. -The American Heritage Dictionary

So many events happened simultaneously on September 11, 2001, that most everyone was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the day and wanted desperately to believe what we were told by the news and the government.

On the morning of 9/11, according to the official account, American Airlines Flight 11 crashes into the North Tower of the WTC at 8:46 A.M. (EST). At 9:03 A.M., United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the South Tower. At 9:45 A.M., American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon.

At 10:05 A.M., after burning for just 1 hour and 2 minutes, the South Tower, which was hit second, collapsed in 15 seconds into it's own footprint in a cloud of powdered concrete. At 10:10 A.M., United Airlines Flight 93 crashes into woods in Pennsylvania. At 10:28 A.M., the North Tower collapses in 15 seconds straight down at nearly free-fall speed.

In addition to this dizzying array of events, at 5:20 P.M. (EST), WTC7, the Soloman Brothers Building collapses mysteriously in 6.5 seconds into a neat pile after small fires are seen burning throughout the day. This makes the third steel framed building in history to collapse "due to fire" in history.

But too many things happened that it becomes unbelievable that 19 terrorists simply snuck into the country, hijacked airliners and changed America forever. The lingering questions and lack of official response and investigation just leads to speculation and independent tests and investigations.

The official story would be much more easy to accept without the multitude of anomalies that occurred, such as NORAD standing down, steel skyscrapers imploding and turning into dust and WTC7 collapsing without being struck by a plane. Other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers suffered much heavier damage and did not collapse.

Add to that, the lack of bodies, physical evidence such as seats or engines at the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania missing entirely, and the Patriot Act, a massive document that mysteriously appeared immediately after the attacks and was signed into law without legislators even being allowed to read it.

Since that time, the United States has invaded two sovereign nations, displaced a legitimate (though terrible) leader, and established military bases and oil pipelines in regions that were previously inaccessible to U.S interests.
Construction photo showing core
Worker compared to size of steel beams

World Trade Center

The monumental Twin Towers were not the flimsy structures that they have been made out to be since 9/11.

The towers were made of 47 massive rectangular core columns that extended from the bedrock foundation to the roof which in turn were encased in concrete cores and contained primarily the elevators and stairs.

Reports that came out after the attacks omitted the core columns or claimed as in the FEMA report, that the cores were "hollow steel shafts", blatantly disregarding photos, blueprints, worker testimony and documentary evidence from the construction that started in 1966 and was completed at the dedication on April 4, 1973.

These enormous reinforced steel columns and beams could not possible have failed due to a hydrocarbon fire due to jet fuel which burns at a maximum of 1796° F (according to Wikipedia). Steel melts at 2500° F and Iron melts at 2750° F.

The official reports stated that the towers burned with the heat of a nuclear power plant, but the smoke that emanated from both buildings was black, indicating an oxygen poor fire that was struggling. Also arguing against such heats are the numerous photos of people in the holes left by the planes waving flags to attract attention. read more....