Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Obama- bin Laden Hoax...

Reuters released some photos of the dead at the “compound” - but none of those three they showed were bin Laden. So you mean that they killed all those people and bin Laden and whisked away only bin Laden to the awaiting ship while they left these others there? I am just trying to understand. And they quickly went out to sea and dumped his body overboard.
Is this what Obama wants us to believe happened? In other words there will be no evidence of this event - other than they know want you to believe we are even under a deeper threat now - thus tightening their grip on even more of your (and my) freedoms. Wake up people - I smell a rat here.

Do you believe this tale by the Obama government?

Just to get it straight - there will be no photos of a dead bin Laden. There is no body of bin Laden - he was thrown to sea, but they say they matched him up with “DNA” just to really prove it was him - so we should all believe that this is what happened, right? more..