Thursday, May 19, 2011

David Kelly : Sir Peter Tapsell is a bit of a Bulldog...lets hope so for Dr.Kelly's sake.

THE moment the clubby magisterial tones of Sir Peter Tapsell rang out in the Commons yesterday in PMQ, asking David Cameron to enquire into the possible “abduction and murder” of Dr David Kelly, my thoughts went to that firm of Islington solicitors, Leigh Day and Co.

A firm that has  often troubled the Establishment, it was set up, I believe, in the 1970s and drew in Geoffrey Bindman before he formed his own company.
Now, they are representing a group of senior doctors who are sceptical about the official view of Dr Kelly’s death.

Dr Kelly, cynical about New Labour’s dossiers about Iraq’s weapons, was said to have committed suicide near his home.

The doctors say the medical evidence confounds this theory.

Now, Sir Peter has joined the fray, clearly on the side of the doctors. “Murder?” his voice thundered in the Commons.

Cameron refused to stage another inquiry. But Sir Peter is a bit of a bulldog, and Cameron may fear his involvement in the Kelly case