Friday, May 6, 2011

Lt.Col Larkin:Obama's orders as Commander-in-Chief are not lawful if he is an usurper who lied about his birthplace to assume his office.

Lt. Col. Larkin was sentenced for 6 months, and now finally coming home  we should all thank the liberal's President Obama, the cowardice Congress, and the pathetic court system, for sending him there due to Obama's inability to produce his long form birth certificate out of pure spite, and maliciousness.

"F-The American People" Obama's actions say. As did the congressional members, and the court system who never had the nuts to challenge a black President out of pure fear of our society mimicking the L.A. Rodney King riots.
Lt. Col. Larkin forfeited all pay and rank for his steadfastness and heroic actions  After being freed,  the talk show circuit, the book deals, and perhaps a movie deal, will be in the works.