Friday, May 6, 2011

Americans: More squeamish about killing dogs than killing Iraqi children.

You may think to yourself, our boys could never do things like that. Watch this video  click to watch of US soldiers tormenting a crippled dog. The video of them shooting a dog has been pulled. People are more squeamish about killing dogs that killing Iraqi children.
While in Iraq we had a sport of killing dogs whenever the Iraqis weren’t shooting us. So when I shot this one at about 50 yards with my M4 and it ran yelping to lower ground, we had to finish it so my friends and I went to it and started shooting it. I’ve never seen a dog take as many shots to the head at least 4 as this one did and then after we thought it was dead we dug a hole and when I picked it up with the shovel it came back to life, so we shot it a couple more times…its pretty funny.
~ M. D. formerly of A TRP 1-10 CAV 4ID