Saturday, February 11, 2012

: United Nations Confidential Reports

Wikileaks staff writers

Wikileaks has released 70 United Nations investigative reports classified "Strictly Confidential". The reports expose matters from allegations of hundreds of European peace-keepers sexually abusing refugee girls [1] to generals in Peru using Swiss bank accounts to engage in multi-million dollar frauds against the UN.

The bulk of the reports were released today with 17 reports relating to Kosovo having being released on 24 Oct 2008.

A number of the reports are both classified "Strictly Confidential" and have selected regions redacted. Often these redacted regions can be "unredacted" by "cut and pasting" the blanked region. On the description page for each report, where possible, Wikileaks has provided a simple text version of the report that includes the redacted information. A good example is United Nations Procurement Task Force: Interim Report on a Concerned UN Staff Member (PTF-R011-06), 19 Dec 2006, starting page 15.

Since the number reports exceeds the ability of the world press to digest them, we ask that journalists and other investigators take responsibility for those reports immediately before and after the month and day of their date of birth before considering the material at large. more