Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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The Guardian how transparent are they ?

David Leigh has made some very unpleasant snide remarks today on twitter toward Julian Assange, he is acting like a child ,so lets take a closer look at David Leigh and what he believes is in the publics interest.

The Guardian claim to be the ones who EXPOSED hackgate but that is not strictly true ,Steve Nott back in 1999 went to the Sun and the Mirror News Group telling how easy it was to listen into  voicemail. The story was spiked even though Steve was paid by Oomagh Blackman ?  The Guardian certainly have no interest in Steve or his story , now, why would that be surely it is in the publics interest to know just how long hacking has been going on and that it is not just contained in the Murdoch Empire.

Next, the McCanns, who ask for donations to search for their child told a very strange story about her alleged abduction..a story that made no sense. One would imagine the Guardian,  who have the very best journalists would have realized pretty early on that the McCanns were not quite what they seemed, instead of helping the investigation they did everything they could to sabotage it, refusing to answer police questions and not returning for the reconstruction resulted in the case  being shelved. Information once again kept from the public and instead of reporting the truth, the British press only published what the McCanns wanted them to say.

Lets move on, after the shelving of the investigation ,the police files were released to the public, they explained in detail why the McCanns were made arguidos (suspects) in the disappearance of their daughter...once again the Guardian ,along with the rest of the 'free' British press thought it not in our best interest to be informed ,even though the public were donating large amounts of money !

Most, if not all British journalists have the police files to publish in their respective newspapers, this includes police witness statements and one in particular that would have stopped most people in their tracks, or at least certainly led them to ask questions of the McCanns and their group.  I leave here for you to read a statement about Dr.David Payne and Madeleines father (an alleged paedophile incident) and ask you, to ask David Leigh from the Guardian, why he did not think this information was in the publics interest  and to also ask him why this, what may have been vital information was held back for several months by Leicester Police from the PORTUGUESE investigation !!!! ..more importantly he, as an investigitve journalist, did  not see fit to ask the very same question , a three year old child is missing for heaven sake?.. The British press are not 'free' to do as they wish , but Julian Assange is and I have no doubt inside those snide jabs from David Leigh there is a little bit of jealousy and envy otherwise why did he not publish the police files that show the McCanns in a very different light and maybe achieved the scoop of his lifetime...THE TRUTH of what really happened to little Maddie ...AND the truth is he cannot , because the McCann case is a Goverment cover-up and David Leigh takes his orders like all other British journalists NOT to go anywhere near the truth !

The statemant The GUARDIAN's  David Leigh will never publish but Julian Assange would.

STEVE NOTT: The man who really broke 'HACKGATE'