Thursday, November 24, 2011

#Assande #Sweden : Assange To be Put On Ice In Sweden !

Last month a Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny, raised the possibility that, after first dealing with allegations of sexual misconduct, Assange could be extradited from Sweden to the United States.

He could be indicted by a grand jury meeting in secret near Washington D.C. to consider charges against him related to the publication of leaked American military and diplomatic documents. The Swedish prosecutor expressed little qualm flagging the extradition a non-European Union national to a non-EU jurisdiction. Assuming that the United Kingdom (being the country that surrendered Assange) consents. And it must consent - otherwise there can be no extradition.

Mark Stephens, one of Assange's London lawyers, has often expressed his fear to Al Jazeera that Assange would be travelling to Stockholm to do no more than to change planes for a fateful flight to Washington. But an associate at his practice, Jennifer Robinson, told Salon (an American online news site) that the existence of a grand jury was still "purely speculation.",,read more