Friday, July 13, 2012

Wikileaks Join NATO Attack On Syria.

Washington DC, 12 July 2012 - As the NATO alliance inches closer to a military attack on Syria, a new front in the destabilization of the Damascus government has been opened by the intelligence agencies of the Western powers. The vehicle chosen by the CIA and its allies for this new assault is once again the shadowy limited hangout operation calling itself Wikileaks, and its chief spokesman, the Australian Julian Assange.

On July 5, the Wikileaks website (which the US National Security Agency could cripple within minutes if it so chose) announced a two-month summer offensive against the Baath party government of President Assad based on the release of some 2.43 million e-mails by Syrian government officials, politicians, and companies doing business with the Syrian government, generated between August 2006 and March 2012. About 400,000 emails are in Arabic, and some 70,000 are in Russian.

Assange and his staffers left no doubt that the goal of this new document dump was to discredit the Syrian government, and even more to harass companies in the NATO sphere who are working as contractors for Damascus.

A case in point is the Italian defense contractor Finmeccanica, which was accused based on these e-mails of supplying 500 radios to the Syrian police through Selex Elsag, a subsidiary company. The Italian radical chic newsweekly L’Espresso, owned by financier Carlo de Benedetti, attempted to make these dealings into a scandal under the headline “Finmeccanica helped the dictator.” De Benedetti is a predatory speculator with intelligence links who operates under left cover, very much in the manner of George Soros. The goal of Wikileaks is obviously to incite public opinion against Finmeccanica and similar companies, and to mobilize parliamentary witch hunts against them for supposedly contributing to repression in Syria. If Syria’s western equipment suppliers can be shut down, then the weapons shipped into Syria by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the other Gulf monarchies through the CIA distribution network based in southern Turkey could tip the balance in favor of anarchy. Wikileaks is thus complicit in the violent overthrow of the Syrian government by the NATO-backed death more