Saturday, April 30, 2011

IRAQ:Viewing cable 03OTTAWA610, MEDIA REACTION: IRAQ (This cable reveals the insanity and obsessive side of BUSH, his thirst for dictatorship holds no bounds)

 Since 9/11, Americans
have been subjected to the most intense propaganda
campaign from their government since World War I.

Much of the mainstream U.S. media have been intimidated
by the Bush administration into unquestioningly
amplifying its party line. Or, in the worst tradition
of yellow, jingoist journalism, they act as
cheerleaders for war....

The American public, often wobbly about geography, history and international
affairs, has been alternatively terrified and enraged
by bare-faced lies that Iraq was about to attack
America with nuclear weapons or germs, and was a secret
ally of al-Qaida.

A shocking two-thirds of Americans
mistakenly believe Iraq staged the 9/11 attacks....

It's frightening to see Bush claim with a straight face
his war against Iraq will bring democracy and peace to
the Mideast, and save Iraqis from repression.

Why didn't he begin by saving Palestinians from the
repression by his alter-ego, Israeli Prime Minister
Ariel Sharon?

If Bush really cared about Mideast democracy, he's had two years to do something about U.S.-sponsored dictatorships like Egypt and Pakistan,
or medieval autocracies such as Morocco, Jordan, Saudi
Arabia and America's Gulf protectorates.

When Bush says he will bring democracy to benighted Iraqis, what he
really means is U.S. rule.

In Bush-speak, 'democracy'
has been perverted to mean U.S. imperial hegemony....

Many Americans simply don't understand their leadership
is about to plunge the nation into an open-ended,
dangerous colonial war.

 All the propaganda about
democracy, human rights and regional stability is the
same kind of double-talk used by the 19th century
British and French imperialists who claimed they were
grabbing Africa and Asia to bring the benefits of
Christian civilization to the heathens.... Misery loves

An American-occupied Iraq looks destined to
join the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza as another
human, political and moral disaster for all concerned."