Monday, April 25, 2011

NEWZEALAND:To all New Zealanders....

As of April 14, 2011, a crime has been committed against you; the Copyright Amendment Bill, has enabled law enforcement to cut off the Internet access of any New Zealander accused of piracy and fine you up to $15,000, without solid evidence.
In addition, your government appears to feel that it is acceptable to control users' Internet activity. With the help of larger corporations, the government will start logging IP addresses to initiate lawsuits. Any download, including those necessary to view media streams via Youtube or other social media sites, can be viewed as infringement of copyright laws - whether or not the download is legal - under the presumption of file transferring or sharing.

This law directly contradicts the ideals that Anonymous holds true, such as Internet freedom for all.

The 'accused' are additionally having their basic human rights violated by being presumed guilty until proven innocent. Furthermore, by suspending an account holder, rather than the access of those who are downloading, the account holder is deemed to be guilty of an offence they have not necessarily been proven to have committed.

Such actions are not those of a democracy but rather the characteristics of a lobbyist totalitarian state. Many of you have already begun to protest in order to shed light on this bill, which was hastily passed under the guise of a national emergency, with little public notice. You must join your fellow New Zealanders and show that you will stand against such outrageous behaviour, and deter other nations' governments from following. New Zealand has long been seen as a world leader when it comes to equality and human rights; let's not have this perception change now. Continue your protests with the knowledge that you are not alone - Anonymous and Internet users everywhere will stand in support of this movement.

Your civil liberties and privacy are under attack. Do not let those that you have voted into office silence you.