Saturday, April 2, 2011

Smiley Culture vs DC Stuart Hobkirk

D.C Stuart Hobkirk.

Present at the "suicide" of Smiley Culture his account varies from what one might term common sense. In the middle of a supposed drugs raid Mr Emmanuel is permitted to go alone to his kitchen where he promptly knives himself. If you dispute Hobkirk's account try calling him at Chiswick nick on 02082475940.

Yet more baloney from the Tomlinson inquest where P.C Simon Harwood is giving it large. TV last night showed Harwood knocking Tomlinson to the ground. What it doesn't show is that 5 minutes before, around the corner plod had given a hiding to the same man. Spy/CCTV footage "disappeared" soon after the event.
Finally, is Nick Clegg a right bloody liability? Surely the Liberals need to find a new leader, a real one before the next election. Or are elections to be banned like marches as "too violent"?