Saturday, June 23, 2012

Assange:Ecuador Recalls Ambassador For Assange Advisement.

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has recalled his ambassador to the UK in order to discuss the case of Julian Assange. The asylum bid is being analyzed without concession to foreign pressure, but with caution to “other countries’” opinions.
­"We are calling our ambassador back for consultations because this is a very serious matter," Correa said Friday. “We are going to proceed cautiously, responsibly and seriously in this case, without bowing to absolutely any pressure.”
Ecuadorian envoy Ana Alban had met earlier with British authorities to ascertain their point of view.
"We will take it into account, but Ecuador will make the final decision," Correa added. "We don't wish to offend anyone, least of all a country we hold in such deep regard as the United Kingdom. We are going to have to discuss with and seek the opinions of other countries.”
President Correa also said it is too early to talk about a “safe passage” out of the country for Assange, since the final decision has not yet been more