Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Julian Assange: President Correa Could Come Under U.S. Attack For Appealing To Assange.

Julian Assange asked the nation of Ecuador to grant him political asylum on Tuesday. But now as the WikiLeaks founder awaits their response, will the US find a new Latin American enemy number one in Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa?

The Unites States’ relationships with Latin American countries have been largely bittersweet, especially since the Cold War created a national enemy out of Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Since retiring from that post, Hugo Chavez has succeeded Castro by fulfilling the position of the United States’ Latin American scapegoat. Now battling cancer, Chavez may soon find another Latin American president becoming America’s arch enemy. In the last few years, President Rafael Correa has come to fruition as a Latin American leader that is not only encouraging change in his country of Ecuador, but is being subjected to increased scrutiny from the US by his refusal to side with American agendas.

As Assange awaits Ecuador’s response to his request for asylum, the future of the famed WikiLeaks leader isn’t the only question left unknown. Pending Ecuador’s answer, the United States might very well use it as an excuse to go after more