Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Why Julian Assange Must Never End Up In U.S.Hands

by Alexa O'Brien

A just trial does not await Julian Assange in the United States of America.
Bradley Manning's courts-martial is a travesty of justice, and I fear being denied what little access I have by expressing displeasure.

The lack of access for press and public extends to Fort Meade's public affairs office. On June 6, I was told that the computers that containing information , which I had already been waiting 30 days to receive, were "wiped after the alleged leak," and it would take a "very long time" for me to obtain basic facts about the US Army command structure and the names of the Iraqi Federal Police that the 2nd Brigade Combat Team had partnerships with in Iraq.

With a few exceptions, the media doesn't care. Only a few reporters are actually present, and most are unaware of details or the larger context of the investigation and case. In fact, reporters for major US television networks can be found reading articles about George Clooney, buying shoes for their wedding, or cooing over stock photos of babies.

The Department of Justice's has also had a historical incompetency regarding discovery obligation to defendants, which has spilled into the prosecution of more