Saturday, June 23, 2012

Julian #Assange: Assassination Imminent.

Julian Assange is in very real danger of assassination, says Bob Ellis.

By Bob Ellis
It is now the Swedes’ plan, and their ally America’s plan, for a ‘Lee Harvey Oswald moment’ when, emerging handcuffed from the embassy gates, Assange will be shot from a high window across the street in an ‘incident’ Scotland Yard will profoundly regret — and his funeral will be watched by half a billion viewers across the world and the assassin will get away.

This is their plan now. Their previous plan was not to try him for rape in Sweden – since his accusers were plainly right-wing conspirators who publicly kissed and hugged him for days and days after the supposed offence – but to beat him to death in gaol in an ‘incident’ the authorities would profoundly regret.

This was always their plan. This is why they never charged him with anything — wanting only to ‘question’ him in Sweden. Though they could have questioned him in London, he had to be in Sweden. There can be no other reason for this, as any fan of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will tell you, but to kill him more