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'New World Order'....many have heard the term used by our leaders. ...BUT what does it mean...if you have the time, read the scary future they have planned for you and I...

Compiled By: Louis Turner

Welcome reader to the “Thoughts and Perspectives” from the Illuminati elite. The following Manifesto was taken from the Illuminati’s site back in 2002 and compiled here for you viewing pleasure. Documented here are some extreme examples of just how evil these people are. The Illuminati and the Freemasons will stop at nothing to force their satanic utopia down our proverbial throats.

This is quite a scary read. Please feel free to pass this around far and wide.

One particular phrase that they used has caused the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up. “We Are Everywhere.” I just had a run-in with a site that uses that very quote! I wonder if they are related?
Sipsey Street Masons

"Very definitely may the assurance be given here that, prior to the coming of the Christ, adjustments will be made so that at the head of all great organizations will be found either a Master, or an initiate who has taken the third initiation. At the head of certain of the great occult groups, of the Freemasons of the world, and of the various great divisions of the church, and resident in many of the great nations will be found initiates or Masters." - Alice Bailey, Initiation: Human & Solar, Lucis Publishing, 1922, pp. 61-2

Illuminati Order – New World Order – One World Order

By now many if not most of you have heard various politicians and media figures speak of the "New World Order." But what does it mean? What kind of order? Who is going to implement it and how? What kind of people understand and subscribe to this New World Order? While the dishonest Christian conspiracy theorists, or better said, con artists, have been busy spiting out books with all sorts of theories because they know they have a large audience of gullible and naive people ready to make the authors rich and famous, the real issue has never been clearly defined by those who speak of the New World Order. This is because what the New World Order entails, amongst other things, are many issues, which are or would be considered taboos in today's day and age. However, like all great idealists, philosophers and scientists, the proponents of the New World Order, namely The Illuminati Order, are pioneers in the field of responsibility and providing practical and logical solutions to the many issues and questions others in high positions would never dare speak of in public for fear of loosing their positions and reputations.

We Are Everywhere
After all, to obtain a high position either in the political arena, the education high society of academia or even in the private sector, one has to be wise, deceptive, and secretive and have the will to do whatever it takes to become an achiever. But most importantly, to make real changes in the world one has to aspire to be a noble politician and getting there is a long and hard battle and a great deal of work. The most important characteristic a person needs to get there is the ability to keep away from supporting taboos, to be able to manipulate the masses which requires one to walk a fine line and find enough so called issues to present and support which can appeal to as many of the naive and stupid public on all sides of the dividing lines. One has to find ways to please or not upset the Christians, the conservatives, the liberals, the moderates and so on and so forth. This is because in a democracy the naive masses actually believe that voting for what they think are their "representatives" is the way to exercise their power as a citizen. While this is true to a certain degree, the average voter is naive at best and thanks to the media people can be dummied down even more and kept in the dark. The politicians have connections to the media and the media corporations know that they need to walk a fine line as well so as to have access to so called "stories and interviews on hot issues" etc. etc. So, it is not in the media' interest to upset any one leading politician, political party, government agency or administration too much. Honest media today is a very rare commodity because honest media corporations loose out on advertising money which mainly comes from business and we all know that each business owner or manager belongs to or sides with one party or politician or another. Therefore, it is not in the interest of any News Media corporation to be completely honest about anything. They are obligated by their financial interest to put a certain spin on all issues and stories to please their advertisers.

As far as the politician is concerned, let us look at the so-called "representatives" which people are told they are electing. They win the vote because of where they stand on certain issues, which are really non-issues but are made into issues by the politicians themselves with the help of the media. One such an issue which is absolutely ridiculous is abortion. Those who oppose abortion think they have the right to dictate to other citizens and individuals that they are to be forbidden to have abortions. They are infected with some kind of intellectual disease mutated from their twisted doctrines or beliefs that abortion is murder and they, as god's servants are somehow responsible for enslaving everyone else who does not share their beliefs, to not have abortions. They argue that it is immoral but they cannot put forth any moral standard. They do not have one aside from their own personal interpretations of some barbaric book written by savages 1000s of years ago. So, the politicians, seeing how they have a large group of people who are so interested in enslaving each other to their own personal beliefs make an issue out of such non-issues, which are a matter of personal choice and should be left there. After all, a blob of cells or a fetus is not the voter who puts people and governments in power nor do they pay taxes, send their non-existent children on the front lines etc. etc. Such logical issues are far from the minds of the barbaric and weak-minded buffoons.

This is one example of how justice is perverted with the help of the politicians and the media, and how the crooks that make it into office get there. The founding fathers of the United States and the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution knew what evil religion is and amended the constitution to make sure that religious bigots and con-artist politicians cannot trample on INDIVIDUAL freedoms. The US Constitution, although it has a few flaws and loopholes, is still a very good secular document put forth by men who were "Enlightened" and had they not been members of the Masonic and Illuminati Orders the constitution may very well have looked like a Christian doctrine. But being wise and knowing how to manipulate the dumb masses and paying off important religious leaders to keep their mouth shut, they were able to pass a perfectly secular document which was designed to ensure the liberties of the INDIVIDUAL, not the "public" as there is no such a thing as "the public" or the "people." People cannot have any rights nor can society. Those are generic terms created by altruists to deceive the very individuals who are to vote for them.

What the stupid and naive voters fail to realize once their politicians win an election is that they get to have the authority to pass various laws on countless issues, which were never brought up during the campaign and most of the time laws which the very people who voted for those crooks oppose. Have you ever seen a so called "representative" ask the people who voted for him/her what their views are on those issues they are about to pass laws on? In a way, this is a good thing because most of the people are idiots on most issues most of the time. This is because the average person does not think it important to study philosophy and to value education and so on and so forth. Real education, which helps a person mature and grow in both knowledge and wisdom, does not come from a college or a university degree or diploma; real education comes from the reading of many books on many issues and especially philosophy which is the science of reasoning. Just as there is no school which teaches young adults any classes on raising children properly there is no school which teaches people how to use their most important tool, reason. There are many schools, which teach people what to think but not how to think. To learn how to think one needs to be able to reason and to be able to reason one has to obtain the knowledge, which is only found in philosophy. Once one has obtained this knowledge, one is armed with a vast array of ideas and concepts. Having gained this treasure one is able to analyze and improve upon what others have created before them, to borrow and innovate and ultimately build upon and even develop new ideas and ideals.

The average person, however, does not think it important to have knowledge and the result is morons having children which they are not equipped with a powerful mind to be able to deal with their children and guide and direct in any one direction. The religious, for example, they think they already have all the truth so all they need to do is make sure they brainwash their children with the same mambo jumbo so they can make it to heaven. The ignorant just wants to have a good time, live as best as one can and not care about their actions and their effect on others, their community and the future of their children and their children's children. What does he care that someone might be sleeping at 2AM when he rides his car with the radio blasting vibrating all the windows in the neighborhood? Or what does he care that he makes the streets look dirty by throwing garbage out the window or onto the sidewalks etc. etc. What does he care about beauty, respect, honor and responsibility?

Then there are the seculars, the atheists, the socialists, the communists, the anarchists and so on and so forth. All have their own ideas and all worship the products of their own whims; whatever emotions make them feel good must be the right thing. The future is not important to them, they just want to feel important as much as they can and that is all that matters. They each find a community of like minded people and seek comfort in belonging to it and the result of such fellowship is a heightened notion of being amongst the right people with the right philosophy and the best ideas on how to solve everyone else’s problems. Every person seems infected with the need to stick their nose in someone else’s business and dictate to everyone else. Every time they convince another poor moron to embrace their version of the truth they get an ego boost and thus the process repeats itself.

Throughout the ages, however, a seed of enlightenment has been planted and nourished by what most would call radicals. A new philosophy has taken hold and matured over the centuries and has been safeguarded by various secret societies such as Freemasonry, The Illuminati and many other similar organizations. This philosophy is the philosophy of realism, of practical applications to the problems facing mankind. This philosophy is known as Objectivism. Although it has been hijacked by Randists, people who claim and believe that Ayn Rand was the inventor or originator of this philosophy, this is simply not the case. It is only the ignorant and poorly educated in the field of philosophy and literature that hold such belief and unfortunately this is the case with most Objectivists. There are only two types of people who could claim that Rand was the originator or the founder of Objectivism.

Objectivism is a collection of original thoughts by many individuals over many centuries. The people who have books to sell and big salaries to maintain (objectivistcenter.org parasites and aynrand.org parasites), such are the idiots, liars, cowards and deceivers who still maintain that objectivism was founded and/or originated with Ayn Rand. Those dumb enough to believe such nonsense should consider reading John Adams, Jefferson and the other founding fathers, Pope, Cicero, Branden, Nietzsche, Aristotle and hundreds of other authors and philosophers, too many to list. The irony is that most Objectivists are poorly educated and very poorly learned in philosophy and historical biographies of influential personages throughout the ages yet Objectivism by its very nature, in order to be understood one needs to be familiar with the other philosophies. Grow up and educate yourself if you are one of them. The honest Randist must ask him/her self this question: How is it that none of those so-called scholars of Objectivism dare to put forth well-written treaties on Objective Law? The answer is simple; it would be a taboo and they would loose their ignorant audience and dumb sheep and would no longer be able to maintain their well-paid salaries paid for by their NOT-FOR PROFIT, organizations. The very fact that those cowards hide behind non-profit organizations to pay their salaries should be enough of a warning signal by itself. Objectivism only recognizes Capitalism as the natural political philosophy amongst men, yet here they are, the new champions of Objectivism running non-profit organizations which help them pay themselves bigger salaries since their organization pays no taxes. Objectivism opposes parasitism, yet here are the champions of Objectivism expecting others to pay their share of taxes, which also pay for their protection, their organizations protections, roads, fire departments, army, police, city water and all other public services.

One reason Rand denounced Branden is because he tried to show her what great errors she was making. Nathaniel was a witness at Rand's getting burned out and she sought a quick way out of the fire she has started and Branden tried to correct her. But, she became a victim of her own ego and thus made many mistakes. Her view on the status of women and her lack of understanding of art (see contradictions between The Fountainhead and The Romantic Manifesto) are her two most obvious and direct contradictory works. But her position on the status of women in society in relation to men is a disaster at best.

But the problem with the various Objectivist organizations is that they preach a dogmatic version of Objectivism which gives Objectivism a very bad name and reputation and they also preach that Objectivism is a closed system, which it is not. Objectivism, true Objectivism is Practical Objectivism, and this is where we part company with all so-called objectivists. Having said this it is also important to note that while our philosophy is the very best product of the human mind derived at through the application of logic and reason, it is also very much ahead of its time. Reason being is the many problems and garbage the enlightened are burdened with and are left to clean up and this may take a while. The destroyers of our world, the communists, the religious, socialists and all altruists have filled the earth with so many great problems to overcome that it is simply not possible to implement Objective Law at this point in time. Objectivism, by its very nature, demands that people who embrace it and understand it to be not only educated but RESPONSIBLE people. The perfection of mankind and the advancement of knowledge and technology through the sciences is the goal of any sane and intelligent person. Without such citizens the troubles facing the world cannot be resolved and the reality on the ground is that most citizens of our beloved planet are savages, engulfed in mysticism, all sorts of barbaric ideologies who's purpose and goals are not happiness and tranquility on this earth but some fairy tale reward in an afterlife and the tyrants who seek, grab and hold on to power over others at all costs. Then there are the socialists, also known as progressive-democrats who think that all the problems of the earth can be solved through enslaving everyone who is an achiever and force them to pay more and more taxes so they can give their hard earned money to other savages, the incompetent and the lazy.

So, what does all this have to do with a New World Order and what is it? Let us attempt to give you an idea of what is meant by a New World Order, or a One World Order now that we have outlined some of the concerns and problems facing our civilization.

The Purpose and Goals of the New World Order

1. To bring about a global climate where each individual can be and will be a Perfectibilist in whatever field her/his natural tendency or gift nature inclines one to. In other words, a world where individuals can earn a good and very comfortable living honestly through being honest to the self. To achieve happiness to as much perfection as possible, and this requires that there is an environment where a person should not have to choose a field one is not inclined towards just to make a living. Personal happiness begins with individual liberty and liberty is dependent on individuals who are responsible in every sense of the word, individuals whom long for and seek as a personal satisfaction and pleasure the quality of life that humans can achieve.

2. To enlighten the world in small but sure steps through the spread of democracy at first, so that all peoples world wide can taste and be indoctrinated with the intoxicating taste of individual liberties without fear of retribution from those in power. The various parts of the earth must, therefore, be placed in the hands of leaders who are capable of establishing and maintaining a reasonable form of democracy for an extended period of time until the old generation of barbaric mentalities are gone and the new generation conditioned with the knowledge and experience of liberty will take over the ruling bodies.

3. To provide for the protection of our beloved planet, to ensure that we transform the world into a society of individuals who desire to be part of a people who take as a personal responsibility to leave behind a better planet than generations prior. In other words, to enlighten the masses as much as possible so that they may find it a welcoming and pleasant thought; the knowledge that being responsible of our actions can be a pleasure instead of a burden.

4. To advance science and education as the supreme and most noble traits of our civilization which is only possible through the tools nature (Gaia) has blessed us with-our mind, reason, logic and the senses.

5. To seek to advance and move on beyond our mother planet, to develop and colonize other planets, solar systems and the Universe itself.

6. To provide for a structure of government which will be led by Perfectibilists; by individuals who are highly intelligent BUT not have to hide behind a false personage for fear of retribution by the voters due to personal matters which should never be taken in consideration when electing a public official. To create a climate where honor, respect and other high minded words can be attributed to a person of worth without ridicule or in jest; a climate where leaders will desire to seek positions because it is honorable to achieve and not because that is where power lies.

7. To establish a educational system where personal discipline is the highest priority taught to children and in such ways that achievement, no matter how small, is rewarded so that our children and future generations will aspire to become a Perfectibilist in all or as many areas of life as possible.

8. To destroy the ancient and barbaric teachings which create divisions, hatred and envy, such as tribalism, religions, mysticism, and nationalism, all of which are the seeds of evil and terror and threaten the very existence of our civilization as we know it.

9. To establish a world where achievers are not punished nor envied for their achievements, where those who earn a living are not deprived of it by force or coercion and given to others who did not earn it. A world where pure communism is the absolute law of the land; the only proper political philosophy amongst us; where self-interest is a noble position to have. Everything anyone does one does it for purely selfish interest of sorts. This is one of the core laws of our nature; to teach that selfishness is evil is to deny the most important truth of the reality of nature itself. To teach selflessness is the most devious cancer, which is now eating away at our population worldwide. No human being is to be forced to or coerced into providing for the well being of another. A person's economic responsibility is to her/himself and himself alone, and children being the direct property of the Federation until they can undertake self-responsibility to provide for the self, they are also included in the personal responsibility. To raise a child properly is of a far greater importance than leading a nation properly. Nations can be corrected, children cannot. The damage done due to improper upbringing is permanent.

10. To establish and teach objective law as the only proper legal system for mankind.

All of these comprise the body of the doctrine of the New World order and more importantly the One World order. These are very achievable things, but to get there we have a long way to go. For this reason we need to recruit as many intelligent persons and persons willing to embrace our principles, so that we can wield a greater power base so as to speed up the process. To make sure that we leave behind a generation of Illuminati who will carry on the struggle for the perfection of mankind. We hope, that our scientists will release a virus, which will render all male humans infertile, so that we can put a halt to the explosion of the populations, which is the greatest and immediate threat above all else. The time will come and must come when only persons who will be able to afford to have children through artificial insemination and techniques will be able to. This is simply because today the parasites of the world are the ones who are multiplying like rabbits. It is these parasites which the United Nations and the bleeding heart liberals and the socialists want to feed to keep them alive so they can keep on multiplying. Such are the scientists who are perfecting the science of poverty, of creating poverty.

"In order to stabilize world population, it is necessary to eliminate 350,000 people a day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it" - Oceanographer Jaques Cousteau - United Nations Educational, Scientific. (UNESCO)

On Poverty
The sole cause of poverty is the inflation of the human population. When people multiply faster than wealth can be created the end result is poverty. Furthermore, our planet cannot sustain as many billions of people for any long period of time because we will run out of resources far sooner than we can advance enough to take advantage of resources of other planets and extra-planetary bodies. If we continue to inflate at the current rate the future generations will be digging in garbage dumps as if they were gold mines and when they run out of garbage to mine, the future generations after that will have nothing left at all and that will be the end of our civilization, of the hard work and all of the achievements
of all the enlightened of the world. All the hard work and toil will be for nothing. Every time a poor person has a child she has given birth to new poverty, pure and simple. The welfare systems must be eliminated at all costs, pure and simple. Yes, this seems directly opposed to the ideals of individual liberties, however, liberty without responsibility is anarchy and chaos. So, until such time when we have a society worthy of liberty, capable and willing to be responsible for their actions and well being; if responsibility is ignored it will have to be imposed. Liberty is not for animals, not for the savage as such trample it under foot.

Such is the true nature of the New World Order and it is the doctrine, which will lead to a One World Order once and for all.

Source: Illuminati Order – New World Order – One World Order

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